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  1. ^^^^^^^ That force FFB looks great and also he is steering with the throttle as well.  Asseto Corsa also has some of the best FFB ive felt as well.  Dirt needs to implement this for sure it would be so much more immersive!!!!! 

    ALSO  this in RBR

  2. My new favorite game.  It has been a blast so far!
    • Great Graphics 
    • Good Sound effects
    • Awesome rally feel with finally good and long tracks.
    Would Like to see:
    • would like to have better FFB with the wheel im using a Thrustmaster T500rs and it just feels very limp and I have all the the settings set to max!  Just doesnt feel like its fighting me enough.  Also when you catch air the wheel doesnt  feel free and then jerk and stiffen back up when you hit the road again. Id imagine most players on PC are using a wheel and this would be a major benefit to the realism/fun factor for the game.
    • Would love to see crash sequences like the (rallisport challenge 2) game.  In that game it was quite realistic as the windows would smash out, doors would fly off/hood/trunk and bumpers and if  they didnt fall off they would be flapping around or dragging along. That was one of the highlights in that game that made it so much fun.  
    • Would also like to see fans running across the road and getting more involved like flipping the car over if its upside down.  Also animals on the road or on the side like birds that fly off or deer running across the road or even Kangaroos hopping across for whenever Australian tracks are made.  
    • After starting the game from pause I would like to see a 3 second count down before it resumes game play.
    • Getting to race your ghost or someone else's ghost that's better than you.
    Overall so far this is such a great and fun game.  Still cant believe its early access and its this good already.  Cant wait for the updates!!!!

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