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  1. Draikinen

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Of course ! When people speak about rally, everyone think about Mercedes, of course...
  2. Draikinen

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Hello ! I’m a RSRBR player aswell, and i must say that i  really enjoy the game so far. I wasn’t expecting for a new rally simulation and your game suprised me in such a positive way ! Pros : Great graphics in general and effectsAmazing sounds effectsReally interesting and convincing stages and rally in general. It’s the better thing for me in this game. I really hope you will keep on this good work !The jump start possibility and the puncture possibilityThe engineer stuf etc. Cons : I think that the cars lack of weight transfer. I should be able to make a proper pendulum flick and to take a very tight corner without the handbrake and i can’t really do it for now. The brakes are kind of weird : they kill a lot of speed (too much actually) but i can’t play with the weight of the car with it. I can’t really throw the car in a corner with a left foot braking and power drifting in the curves  with a 4x4 . The handbrake kill a lot of speed too. Cars lack of power in general. It’s difficult to enter in a hairpin but even worse to get out ! The 2010’s 4x4 and the group b’s are too « kind » not nervous enough for me. There is something with the grip too. When i put full gaz in an airpin i barely spin. Wet gravel isn’t very convincing either. It’s pretty hard for me to know if it’s a « lack of power » or « to much grip ».The copilot isn’t very convincing, « organical » enough.The recovery thing : let us get back on the road alone !The edges of the roads are sometimes too stiff, the snow in monte carlo for example. It should lower our speed but it shouldn't eject us from the road.We need a clutch !There is way too much engine brake. With the mk2 it's ridiculous : 1st gear and full gaz then release the gaz and you stop like 5 meters after.The animation of the pilot is very bad and we need more rotation in the wheel. Here a little exemple. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRslTv9FpZE Would like to see : Be able to save replays and have a proper replay mode Hear the crowd on the stage and seeing some bootcamp fire at night ? More people in the sides of the road would be fun too (like in the 80’s). I would like to have a recce mod. If you activate it you have a bonus  credit. You run the stage with a recce car and when you’r in front of a curve you can choose in a list of angles ,distances, the amont of risk you can take in it with --/-/+/++ system, the conditions : slippery, icy etc) if it’s narrow or not etc. Of course we would have a list of choice in the straight an light corners aswell. You are allowed to recce twice each stage ant that’s all. Then, in stage, when you crash, or with a button, you can put a mark at the position where you want to change your note and the end of the stage you can change your note where we puted the mark and only here. I woulld like to drive after the finish point and before the start.I would like to have "Le tour de Corse" rally and the Germany rally aswell !Some room for modders ! List of car i would see : Clio maxi Kit car Porsche GT3 GT+ The others were already mentioned   Wouldn’t like to see : Dakar Keep going, take your time and your game will be the reference for 10 years ! (sorry for my english, i hope that everything is clear)