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  1. I think that Sweden would also be good, and Finland. Then we can have Colin's Crest and Ouninpohja too!
  2. I'm a big fan of these games, I've been playing them all of my life - and the first thing to say is that this is AWESOME! Like many on this thread, I am an RSRBR player too, and I can see why many people compare the two - both games are the best rally sims out there (and yes, I am even including sims like rFactor). What I would personally like to see is more of what RSRBR has: the cars, the stages, the customisable options (e.g. tyre choice, AI difficulty). Right now, DiRT Rally and RSRBR are the two best sims out there - if the Codies work like Rallyesim (the team behind RSRBR) has in the dev
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