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  1. CavCavTHESatNav

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    I think that Sweden would also be good, and Finland. Then we can have Colin's Crest and Ouninpohja too!
  2. CavCavTHESatNav

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    I'm a big fan of these games, I've been playing them all of my life - and the first thing to say is that this is AWESOME! Like many on this thread, I am an RSRBR player too, and I can see why many people compare the two - both games are the best rally sims out there (and yes, I am even including sims like rFactor). What I would personally like to see is more of what RSRBR has: the cars, the stages, the customisable options (e.g. tyre choice, AI difficulty). Right now, DiRT Rally and RSRBR are the two best sims out there - if the Codies work like Rallyesim (the team behind RSRBR) has in the development of their sim (perhaps adding some features like online championships (which RSRBR has)), this game will go from one of the best to perhaps the best rally sim out there! Cars I would like to see: 2001 WRC Season (Colin's Focus, Richard Burns' Impreza etc.)2014/15 WRC Season (newer Fiesta, VW Polo, DS3, i20)Early and late 90s WRC (Other generations of Impreza, Subaru Legacy (maybe?), Ford Escort, Ford Focus (1999 version) and more)