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  1. Yes, but its hard to have fun with driving on tarmac now with car who behave like hovercraft 😞 Also in Spain car is planted to the road, and the grip is to strong... For me v1 physics in Dirt Rally Early access was much more realistic than this in Dirt Rally 2.0 (ON TARMAC! on gravel Dirt Rally 2.0 handling is superb!)
  2. Mate, look on this onboard from rally Germany : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBVkmG6u6b4 First two corners I took on full speed on 6th gear. Car floating? Not! It looks realistic here. This was first version of Dirt Rally 1 physics. Later they broken handling with Flying Finland update and car starts to floating on tarmac stages. Thats the true 😉
  3. I can`t agree with You. I have very first beta version of Dirt Rally (debut on Early Access) and in this version floating was not perceptible. And they later changed handling ( since Flying Finland update) and tarmac handling was broken... gravel too - since this update cars can jump 100 meters on every small jump 😄 Maybe its a question of cars weight? Look on this onboard : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jq9W9sSYamo . Handling looks quite good and realistic here 😉 This was first version of Dirt Rally (Early access debut on Steam)
  4. The German stages looks really great 👍 Good job Codemasters Team 👌. but... tarmac handling model is very bad. On low speed corners seems to be pretty god, but on high speed corners car floating a lot, on replay it looks so unrealistic 😞 I play since 15 years Richard Burns Rally on the top level. Dirt Rally 2.0 on gravel is very similar to RBR handling on NGP 5 physics. For me gravel is very good in this game. But this tarmac... @ChristinaMc - I want to ask, Its a chance to improve tarmac physics in next patches? Have You this type of improvements in furture plans? P.S. sorry fo
  5. Today`s Daily Event. Love the new Subaru ❤️ Daily Event onboard <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/3PPfHAg7PpY" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  6. You post this as if DiRT Rally has perfect physics. I can’t go back to DiRT Rally now. It doesn’t feel right at all.  Yes, Dirt Rally is not perfect too... Closest perfection is still old and good RBR.  BTW,  VRC championship starting soon : http://rbr.onlineracing.cz/index.php?act=tour_startlist&torid=6395fce8a79ee3d3f8e27ef3aa076c74  :) Didn’t you get the memo? Codemasters only make popcorn games nowadays? Yes, unfortunately :(
  7. I saw all gameplay footages so far an I must say thats not Dirt Rally 2.0, but DIRT 5 game! Physics on gravel, mud stages looking not so bad, but on tarmac.... Again hovercraft racing :(  On replays, for example Aston Martin in spain it looks terrible and so unrealistic. For those who expecting arcade game this is really good choice. But people who expecting simulation like me, are dissapointed... AGAIN :( Only two good choices for fans of rally simulation is RBR and Dirt Rally. Dirt 4 and DIRT 5 (Dirt Rally 2.0)  will be good for gamepad players.  Codemasters - why are You call
  8. This bonus stream shows that tarmac handling is very very bad. As on dirt 4. Disapointment... Sideways on every corner.  Grip like on ice :( this is simulation? Hope they fix that. Codemasters - You are us last hope to do real simulation of rallying.  Happy christmas everyone ?
  9. https://www.facebook.com/hugo.blancher.1/videos/10155989885621149/ look - car on dry tarmac in dirt rally 2.0 moving like a this Esapeka Lappi C3 WRC on Ice. Maybe too low grip in this tarmac handling model is a reason?
  10. I analysed that's stream and gameplay. For me the gravel handling looks very good. Really! Maybe a bit less grip will be better. But on gravel - overall good job codemasters ? But the tarmac handling looks very bad. Similar to dirt 4. Car is moving a lot. But no! Moving is a bad word. Car is FLOATING! Like a hovercraft again:( look on the corners. Car is rotating. Not TURNING like on real life... For all of as WHO have Hope for a simulation gamę is a big disapointment ? Can You Fix that?? Or we get arcade tarmac handling named simulation again?
  11. Now tarmac hanling is very improved but I remember that in Dirt Rally v1 handling (first version physics in early access) on tarmac was the best that I saw in Dirt games. See my first drive in Dirt Rally in monte carlo. This looking very good, car not floating and sliding in high speeds like in dirt 4 :  And next comes Finland update and v2 handling who totally destroyed good tarmac feeling ;) Maybe we can back and improve this v1 handling and gives cars more weight ? What do you think about? P.S. Except handling is no more big problems with Dirt 4. Game is absolutely amazing and have
  12. @SamRWD  - dont worry. Its worse to play all this day like me and be dissapointed. DIRT 4 is a lot more arcadey than Dirt Rally. So if you want a real challenge and real fun from driving - play Dirt Rally ;) 
  13. I have 8 years experience in Richard Burns Rally and 2 in Dirt Rally. My opinion from 5 hours playing Dirt 4 (simulation, G27, 900 degrees with soft lock, all assist off) :  - game is easier than Dirt Rally -too much grip on gravel (no fun from driving on gravel) - in online rallys we dont have leaderboards after every stage. Just leaderbord with whole rally times - this same grip on dry and wet tarmac (simulation?) And good sides :  - Improved handling on tarmac (I like it, but car still floats) - harder braking (easy to block front wheels) - Superb damage model (easy to puncture o
  14. But somebody writes earlier that premiere is Friday Midnight for all platforms worldwide. So maybe its only a Steam bug...
  15. As I said, in Poland we have this :  I took Friday off work to play and what? 6pm? So next chance to play it will be Monday  :(
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