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  1. It's all about being delicate with them. You tend to be carrying more speed than you think you are. Brake early, come down a gear more than you think you need to, upshift early, and be easy on the throttle on the exit of the corners if you wanna try limit the wheel spin. If you have the tunning unlocked, you can try putting the centre diff setting towards the front, if oversteer is the issue. It's a pity the trophy/achievement is tied to the Audi as it's one the harder ones to handle. If you could do it in the Metro or the Lancia is would be a lot easier. On a random side note I LOVE the Metro (that snarl), I just wish it was a little more competitive in certain places.
  2. Can't say I noticed the road signs, but good eye! I honestly thought it had just been a seasonal change, as even the roads seemed somewhat similar with lots of long sweeping corners, and big straights with hard stops. It is probably the place I drive the least in fairness, except when it comes up for events.
  3. You know as stupid as this is gonna sound, I don't think I ever noticed it was New England now. It looks the exact same 😄 Now, if you'll excuse me I have some youtube videos I need to change the title of. haha
  4. Just thought I'd mention that there is another one around Michigan today for anyone that still needs it. Tagging @ianism
  5. Here's hoping it pops now. like yourself this is not the first time I should've gotten it. 🤞
  6. That's always the worst! Hopefully it won't be too long until the next one. I had one bit of a spin, but nothing to major. I was trying to keep it neat more than anything else. Can be a curse sometimes, as then when something goes wrong you feel the need to try and push.
  7. Haha. I would welcome Poland tbh. Spain is my weak point for sure. I always struggle with these stages more than any other for some reason. Whoo! 8 minutes flat, I think I got it.
  8. Cheers man. Gonna be home soon and will give it a couple of runs first. It's a bit annoying having to wait around for one of these to happen to be able to get the achievement, and when they do come they are always in the rain. I think they secretly hate us haha.
  9. Hey thanks, appreciate it. I know where you're talking about, but I can't remember the name either haha.
  10. Could you tell me what stage the daily is on? and also what weather settings?. I'm also missing this one, and wouldn't mind be able to do a bit of practice first. Thanks.