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    Known Issues - UPDATED 05/05/2015

    One hour ago I have deleted my Avast Free antivirus then re-installed the game and tried to run it once again. So, it does not help also. Error 41 appears as well. Once again I tried to do some actions described before by other users who have the same problem (like: verifying free space in my HDD-s, verifying cache of the game using game properties in Steam client and so on), but as I expected it does not helps me also. I additionally have made the topic here: http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/5917/steam-error-code-41?new=1 Is there the possibility that  game requires only DX11 video card? I mean video card which supports DX11 on hardware level. So maybe that is the reason? I don’t want to be in situation when the game forced me to buy a new video card which leads to rebuild all my system and buy a new CPU and MB for instance! Please check the possibility of that reason! But in the other hand I see, that people with last models of GPU also have problems... so I even don't know what I can assume as a nature of error 41... I really want to enjoy the testing of the game and making feedback, but it is shame that I can't!