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  1. The Xbox One does not support any VR headset so it would be impossible to play any game in VR on and Xbox one.
  2. You're welcome! However, I'll point out that I went from being able to only achieve close to 90fps running the game on medium to being able to run on the high preset with some options pushed to ultra and getting a buttery smooth 90 fps with these settings.
  3. For those struggling to get decent performance in VR. Check this post out over at RD https://www.racedepartment.com/threads/dirt-2-0-vr-update-now-live.171945/page-3#post-3024047 Seems that the in game AA is rubbish and the VR killer. I got smooth 90 fps with these settings.
  4. Good to hear. Can you confirm if it's horizontal or vertical and which camera views does it affect? Project Immersion site suggest codies use vFOV x2. Is that still the case? If so there is a good tool here Project Immersion to set a realistic FOV in game for your particular setup.
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