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  1. The Xbox One does not support any VR headset so it would be impossible to play any game in VR on and Xbox one.
  2. You're welcome! However, I'll point out that I went from being able to only achieve close to 90fps running the game on medium to being able to run on the high preset with some options pushed to ultra and getting a buttery smooth 90 fps with these settings.
  3. For those struggling to get decent performance in VR. Check this post out over at RD https://www.racedepartment.com/threads/dirt-2-0-vr-update-now-live.171945/page-3#post-3024047 Seems that the in game AA is rubbish and the VR killer. I got smooth 90 fps with these settings.
  4. Slim

    Night driving in heavy rain

    Believe me the six inch nails falling from the sky during heavy rain at night is just as ridiculous on my i7, 2080Ti Uber PC running max settings. So it’s a system wide issue. Strangely it’s slightly improved by turning weather effects down to low. So make the rain look worse and it looks better! I agree we do have the benefit of the other sliders however.
  5. Good, and I hope you brought the banhammer down. Absolutely no place for that sort of nonsense.
  6. Slim

    Darkness and rain all the time

    Great post Rodger. Sounds like common sense to me. This is the timetable for the upcoming Tour de Corse. Friday 29th March SS1 Bavella 1 08:29 AM SS2 Valinco 1 09:24 AM SS3 Alta-Rocca 1 10:32 AM SS4 Bavella 2 02:05 PM SS5 Valinco 2 03:00 PM SS6 Alta-Rocca 2 04:08 PM Saturday 30th March SS7 Cap Corse 1 07:38 AM SS8 Désert des Agriates 1 09:08 AM SS9 Castagniccia 1 10:14 AM SS10 Cap Corse 2 02:38 PM SS11 Désert des Agriates 2 04:08 PM SS12 Castagniccia 2 05:14 PM Sunday 31rd March SS13 Eaux de Zilia 09:45 AM SS14 Calvi (Power Stage) 12:18 PM Podium Ceremony (Calvi) 03:00 PM I get that they want to show of the work they have done on different times of day but rallying takes place predominantly during daylight hours. So lets just have the game being more realistic. Same with the weather, yes it's good to show off the work they have done on weather but when it doesn't match reality it's immersion breaking. The game has become a complete chore. At night in heavy rain with those six inch nails constantly hammering down from the sky I get no enjoyment from playing the game.
  7. Slim

    Darkness and rain all the time

    I am absolutely sick of the rain, night and **** lighting even in daylight conditions. It's not even fun anymore.
  8. Thought I'd share my wheel settings after a week of fiddling. This is on PC using a Fanatec CSW v2. I haven't made the change to the define_devices file. This gives plenty strong feedback with quite a bit of road feel from the suspension setting. For example I get a very nice rattle of the wheel when going over a sheep grid in Australia and New Zealand. General road feel is not as enhanced as with the sheep grids but I have improved that by turning of vibration in my wheel settings which gets rid of the constant buzzing of vibration that I think was supposed to a add to the road feel but ended up just being annoying. I'd like more road feel but at least I can feel something now. The wheel also goes light over jumps and crests and I can now definitely feels the front getting lighter when I understeer, at least on tarmac, not so much on rough surfaces. I still hope codies improve things to make this game what it deserves to be but I'm happy for now.
  9. Slim

    Darkness and rain all the time

    Rain and night stages appear so often that they are starting to become a chore rather than the challenge they would be if they appeared less frequently.
  10. Thanks for this. I had thought it was possible in Fanatec Properties page but had forgot to check. I've set a small inside deadzone and not had a problem since. So much easier using the handbrake than a button on the wheel.
  11. Couldn’t agree more. This perfectly sums up how I feel about the FFB.
  12. Totally agree with this and make sure we can set a deadzone. Can't use my Fanatec handbrake as it sometimes stick a few % on and when that happens I can't play.
  13. Slim

    FOV in Dirt Rally 2.0

    Good to hear. Can you confirm if it's horizontal or vertical and which camera views does it affect? Project Immersion site suggest codies use vFOV x2. Is that still the case? If so there is a good tool here Project Immersion to set a realistic FOV in game for your particular setup.