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  1. knutt

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Really good game! I would like to see:I would like to see the guys at Codemasters to reduce the "back on track timer" and let us finish the crash, without numbers popping up on the screen. Also Alt-tabbing to windows desktop takes the game out of fullscreen mode. It's kinda annoying, ¨ Would like to see more objects on the road, like people and animals and "inner road track" as you see in this picture: http://games.softpedia.com/screenshots/Richard-Burns-Rally-Demo_4.jpg is looks much better than track of the rally cars who is in the middle of the road in a turn. More cars. WRC WRC!! And please WRC Toyota Yaris 2018. It looks so awesome! A mode where you are able to create your own rally team a and design your own car etc.. Replay mode Mabye random crashed cars on stages. And that you can drive past cars like in the other Dirt games. Beacuse you feel so alone in Dirt Rally world right now.