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  1. E36 is awesome chassis.Looks like a tons of fun, and inspiration to get my car together 🙂
  2. good move for Audi.IMHO, lot of peeps above my paygrade realized that they need a guy with Blocks fame to bring Audi back.Hopefully, maybe into rallying even. exactly my thoughts
  3. agree, all Dirt is missing now is sorting of the tarmac physics.How its achieved is another issue, but it seems with all these acquisitions the know-how is there to make it a near perfect simulation.
  4. so ..........any gossip on Dirt 3 then, LOl.Just seriously curious here !
  5. and one more thing, when you mesh the gas , the engines "rev ' to 2000 rpm more and then settle.No engine simulation there.
  6. have you guys really watched , with scrutiny , WRC10 vids ? Utter garbage IMHO on handling.Was made for a controller , not wheel to begin with. That for most should tell the story.If it doesnt, then pay attention to braking prowess of cars on tarmac from 80 mph to 10 mph hairpin, and watch the dynamics. Laughable. Inertia, weight transfer, my gosh. Again IMHO, terrible. Also NO feedback on tarmac. Up and down suspension movement, not happening.At least the feel is NOT affected, by them. I could go on, and these are but jut my opinions on how the WRC game doesnt compare to Codies Dir
  7. lol yeah , so they can hope to beat McKennas WRC Fiesta lol
  8. Yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!! whos coming to Southern Ohio Forest Rally 2021 to see the Subies ? Im there this June for sure , even if i have to sneak into the forest , LOL.
  9. wow this place is quiet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! any news on new Dirt 3.0 ?
  10. Yeah, i guess as we have no clue yet whats in store, but if tarmac isnt "fixed" for WRC title, then id rather they kept it all gravel sim............
  11. yeah i guess well see, but i for one think that SMS physics would be a quick fix for tarmac handling in D3 as a stop gap , until WRC title comes out with possibly new physics
  12. you ever play PC2 rally x ? That was great i thought ...................
  13. Some time ago there have been talks about,what i have thought, computer generated stages in high quality.Are we still relying on designers with 1000s of hours of labor put into a 10 mile stage? Where does new computing tech come into play to design these games ? Im just wandering when are we going to be able to mirror a game in 2021 quality, like for example the british Rally Championship game was back in the day with super long stages ? Maybe an evolved stage generator with a lot more variables is the way to go , i dont know.It just seems its 2021 almost, and we are talking all these l
  14. This pivot based steering may also add to how i cannot feel a "push" of understeer as the car just turns in instantly............................also can be felt when rear "hangs out" under oversteer, and no lateral movement felt through force feedback from front tires in a slide
  15. that, and NO pronounced understeer, push and bumpiness of uneven tarmac
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