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    DiRTy Gossip

    Heres the good news about rally game by Ian Bell,hopfully will materialize: from interview on their forums: ~6:04:40 "...We were going to introduce a proper livery painting system, but I think it's now Project CARS 3. That's going to be Project CARS 3. We are literally out of memory..." ~6:05:29 "...I think 3 years from now. I think Project CARS 3 will be 3 years... I think to do it properly, we need 3 years..." ~6:06:07 "...I think we're going to split the franchise and start making the world's best loose racing game, as in rally, as in rallycross, as in loose surface..." ~6:33:56 "...We are absolutely determined at least for the next year to constantly back up with upgrades, improvements, polishing, bug fixing, at least for the year, maybe for longer..."
  2. Madhun1967

    DiRTy Gossip

    after watching all available WRC 7 footage ..........................one big big big issue will be the lack of pace note detail/accuracy.As they made the tracks narrower and bumpier(as were asked for ) and due to the simplistic tile polygons structure,the car will be always upset at all but the softest suspension settings,necessitating the need for detailed notes!Looks like undulations in surface will catch out most on fast  corners,as they will not be in those simplistic and cheesy sounding pacenotes.
  3. Madhun1967

    DiRTy Gossip

    looks to have enough content,stages,cars etc. in it for a rally fan to buy it.......................we dont have that many choices.Input lag being still an issue looks disturbing though...............and FTLOG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fix the sound!
  4. Madhun1967

    DiRTy Gossip

                                                                          NICE PHOTOGRAPHY!
  5. Madhun1967

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    need good tire choices
  6. Madhun1967

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    please fix physics like RBR and let the menu options be available for arcade for  those not wanting a sim.let them turn up the aids ,but get weight transfer,power and grip done right please