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  1. 53 minutes ago, tbtstt said:

    That is an interesting one. As you have posted he finished the recent "Hoonicorn Vs. the World" series by saying that it was the "last time he'd be driving the car", suggesting that it was no longer his. I wonder if Ford Performance money paid for the build, so it went back to them? 

    And yes, they reworked the V1 into the V2. Personally I preferred the V1 guise, but no doubt that the car is a weapon - and arguably the definitive KB car - in either form. 

    The two Launch Control episodes about the making of that car/video were pretty good. Not sure if it was dumbed down for the purposes of the show, but some of the comments about the build didn't quite make sense though. 

    I believe there are plans to use the car for other things, which could be entertaining. 

    lol yeah , so they can hope to beat McKennas WRC Fiesta lol 

  2. Yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!! whos coming to Southern Ohio Forest Rally 2021  to see the Subies ? Im there  this June for sure , even if i have to sneak into the forest , LOL.

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  3. Just now, FlatOverCrest said:

    I for one do not want to see a PC3 handling model implemented in rally games. I own and have played PC3 but I want that handling to stay far away from any Codemasters' rally games. The Dirt Rally team just needs to figure out asphalt/tarmac and revamp the physics themselves in my opinion.

    you ever play PC2 rally x ? That was great i thought ...................

  4. Some time ago there have been talks about,what i have thought, computer generated stages in high quality.Are we still relying on designers with 1000s of hours of labor put into a 10 mile stage? Where does new computing tech come into play to design these games ? Im just wandering when are we going to be able to mirror a game in 2021 quality, like for example the british  Rally Championship game was back in the day with super long stages ? 

    Maybe an evolved stage generator with a lot more variables is the way to go , i dont know.It just seems its 2021 almost, and we are talking all these limitations still......

    and one more thing : where is the SMS insipired tarmac handling being implemented in future rally titles with the collaboration ? 

  5. This pivot based steering may also add to how i cannot feel a "push" of understeer as the car just turns in instantly............................also can be felt when rear "hangs out" under oversteer, and no lateral movement felt through force feedback from front tires in a slide 

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  6. 12 hours ago, somethingthing said:

    Do anyone else think that the tarmac on gravel stages feels better than in actual tarmac stages? Its a bit difficult to just say that its actually better considering the small time you drive on it each time but id probably drive more tarmac rally if it had the same feeling. Now I just stay away from it.

    i think there is something better about the feel of tarmac in gravel stages .Just like it was in Dirtfish rally school .............

  7. On 9/12/2020 at 12:11 PM, danielofifi said:

    So I bought WRC9, here is my opinion after a few days of playing:

    Definitely a big improvement over the previous game, although not at the first glance. The most important change is in gravel handling, it feels much more intuitive and rewarding. The steering lag seems to be gone, the car behaves predictably. Tarmac is as good as in WRC8. I really like the new rallies, especially Japan and New Zealand. Sound and graphics have improved, slightly but still. Replays are nice. The damage model is still very unforgiving on realistic settings, which I like. Carreer mode seems the same as last year, it can be really addictive.

    As for negatives, the biggest one is force feedback. It's quite bad at default settings, it took me many hours of tweaking to make my wheel feel like it should. Also, many annoying bugs from WRC8 carried over to the new game. You still get career objectives which are impossible to accomplish, extreme conditions events are still very frustrating if you play with permacrash on, AI needs balancing. And this dreadful hands on wheel animation, why they don't do anything about it is beyond me. Fortunately there is an option to turn the wheel off in cockpit mode.

    And the most important question: is it better than Dirt Rally 2.0? Honestly, I don't know. It's dangerously close, but it lacks the polish that DR2.0 has. And as much as I enjoy the challenging stages in WRC9, I prefer 1:1 recreations of roads that DR2 offers. Suspension and weight transfer on gravel still feel slightly better in DR2.0 in my opinion, but going back to DR2's tarmac after playing WRC9 is very painful.

    do cars actually understeer on tarmac in wrc9 ? just curious.Do you get the weight feel at speed on tarmac or can you just toss them with no weight like in wrc8 ? 


  8. 3 hours ago, SaxmanUSMC said:

    A lot of the more well known sim racing streamers got a press release version of the game over the last week or two. For me they are better to draw an opinion on more than the KT released videos.

    A few things I noticed immediately.....

    First, it looks like they have fixed puddle physics, which were absolutely trash in WRC 8.

    The cars look to actually have better angular momentum and carry inertia properly through tight bends and hairpins, another big issue in WRC8.

    The cars do not seem to be rocket ships anymore. Accel looks to be more in line with the real cars, or at least the sense of speed in the game has been improved.

    Cars look less twitchy and look to have weight, much more than in WRC8.


    8 is good, but still so many small things are lacking. I do play 8 a lot though with WRC 8 Mods 10.1 from Racedepartment. You lose online play, but the graphics and physics improvements make the game absolutely amazing.



    wow do you care to elaborate on physics mod please ? 

  9. and their car models look so off........................like from a game 10 years ago .Some are proportionally wrong,some are just shaded wrong.

    Their stages look ok, but if you zoom in, Codies stages are a lot more advanced and detailed.

    Physics IMHO, suck. Cars have no weight or inertia, hardly any understeer.And something about, if you pay attention, as you accelerate in their cars , they speed up unrealistically .And my gosh, the SOUNDS are garbage.

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  10. It is weird IMHO ...............and has been a complaint for a lot of us .I do not "feel" any lateral movement and feedback through my 300RS at all, when car moves in and out of those turns on smooth tarmac.Now compare that to feel in RR, AC or Automobilista, Rfactor etc , there is so much going on even in smooth asphalt driving.

    I took an E30 last night in Raceroom for a spin on a A to B hillclimb track and oh wow .............what a tactile experience.Wish i could get that a rally car soon in a sim.

    Its almost like the wheel goes numb.