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  1. WAAW  the    "cannot download error"  from leaderbord  after  race   is fixed   , waaw awesome.
  2. example  if i  login  with my racenet accaunt  in dirtgame     i should get my steam community name there     and see all my stats  ,   but today  it shows my racenet name  and   stats are 0    ,  and  offcore  no online  daily  today  becose          try again later
  3. yep   its sort of down  ,  its down for dirtgame       but not for  other  racenet games
  4. www.dirtgame.com       there you log in  with  your   racenet accaunt  .      
  5. realism yeahh ,   burnout   , back it up  stage it  and goooooooooo.    just like the old win 95 game    nhra dragracing   ,  that would be superb
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