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  1. THIS. most stages are the same... +1 Last time I checked it's what you do in rally and I am pretty sure it's a game about rally. The stages in the game have been taken from real roads. If you ask me that's as close as real you can get unless you want to laser scan mud.   I think many people don't get the actual problem. It's not a problem of the stage realism it's a problem of the variety. At the moment it could happen that your driving 3 Stages in a row:1. A-C, 2. B-D and 3. A-D In this case you're driving the stage between B and C threetimes in a row, and that's what's kind o
  2. when i am starting the game, it has only 25fps on 1080p, after changing the resolution to any other and changing back to 1080p it returns to 60fps. does enyone else have this problem?
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