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  1. RodgerDavies

    Something is coming...

  2. RodgerDavies

    Something is coming...

    Maybe he already has...?
  3. RodgerDavies

    DiRTy Gossip

    a) it’s not broken so they can’t fix it b) we don’t know if a replacement was found since the one they planned to record was sold
  4. I’d really like nearly any other compromise too, but it definitely costs to try when you’re paying programmers!
  5. RodgerDavies

    DiRTy Gossip

    I don’t see why not - a Junior WRC programme will only require taking a few days off a few times a year - will be interested to see if the livery has any Dirt stickers. I would be tempted to say “oh look, a Codies employee involved in WRC, interesting...” because it’s the gossip thread, but I’ll refrain.
  6. RodgerDavies

    Something is coming...

    I'd rather listen to the first 3 minutes and 19 seconds.
  7. Whilst I’m also of the “Finland isn’t enjoyable” opinion, it’s just that - opinion. What you mention there aren’t facts. That fog “sucks bad” is your opinion (one which I share but it is subjective). That the pictures are misleading is probably fair, but it’s not complete fact - there can be any number of legitimate reasons. I bought Stellaris over Christmas and the game in its current state bears no resemblance to the original promo materials for it because it’s changed so much (for the better).
  8. @richie @XenialJ Guys, is it possible that different graphics settings are hardware are showing differences here? Even if not, what looks good for some doesn’t seem great for others - that video is a super demonstration of how much fog has been added over the gorgeous DR1 version, but it’s still OK to have differences. Whether hardware, settings or just personal perception, it’s clear you both feel differently towards it, so probably best left there.
  9. @richie I agree, there’s plenty of hyperbole here, but fortunately this one is on such a small scale to what we’ve seen here over the last few months! As for playability, that’s subjective too - I definitely would have thought twice about purchasing if the fog was the only option and I really stopped playing for a bit because I didn’t want it to come up in my career mode (until someone above showed me how to disable it!) - I’d be happy to do it for the odd stage at reduced speed but it’s no fun not ever being able to do a one off full attack in the clear. I’m not sure if that’s an individual perception thing or maybe it’s down to different folks’ hardware making it better or worse on some systems, all I know is that I enjoy the game more without the current version of the Finnish stages in it. Which is a pity, but not the end of the world - just more time to spend on the other 11 superb locations.
  10. RodgerDavies

    Something is coming...

    The Abu Dhabi livery was for the WRC-esque car (I say, because it’s actually the test version and not the one that competed), not the R5 we have in DR2.
  11. Sorry Richie, I’m a huge supporter of the game but I think the promo shots of Finland are seriously misleading - when that hasn’t been the case for the previous 5 rally location releases, I certainly bought on the basis of the shots that we’d seen posted several times. As for the video, I’d even seen that but there’s nothing that would suggest the conditions in the video would be the only weather option. I’m not suggesting that Codies are lying or set out to deceive, but the promo images I guess were generated (seeing as we saw them at Season 3 announcement blog) before it had completed testing in game and not updated to match the compromised final version. Also, PJ is doing a great job with comms and they’re at an all time high for the series IMO, so not sure of the link you’re making there. Anyway, it cost me the price of a sandwich and I’ve gotten plenty of enjoyment (and counting) from the rest of the game, so onwards and upwards - hopefully there’ll be another location in future to make it a nice round 12 in my game!
  12. RodgerDavies

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Screenshots!

    @PRiva1978 really like those 'people watching on' pics a couple of pages back
  13. I'm disappointed by this and especially in the preview shots looking so different to the reality, to the point where I'm actively taking Finland out of my game, but this point I'll highlight to say I think it's fair that the two games process it differently. DR2 is a step up over DR1 in many graphical and physics areas (the latter being why I'm so disappointed not to get these stages in their full glory) and each new environment with a DR1 equivalent has completely new textures and lighting, so it's not a surprise that they run differently. With confirmation that it's performance reasons, what I'm most frustrated by is not having the option to tweak my graphics settings to prioritise a fog-free Finland over other effects that I may care less about.
  14. Really disappointed in this (especially when the preview images look so good without it), but thanks for the confirmation - appreciate you looking into it. Will leave this 'uninstalled' on mine then 😞. Not even a chance for it to be an option? I'd happily remove a bunch of post-processing effects in order to have fog-free Finland.
  15. RodgerDavies

    Something is coming...

    (Alistair McRae Drive for both Mitsubishi and Nissan in a works capacity) It also wouldn’t surprise me if the McRae family were willing to accept a few extra pennies at the moment to help support this young man... https://www.wrc.com/en/wrc/news/december-2019/mcrae-challenge/page/6913--12-12-.html