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  1. RodgerDavies


    I’m intrigued but concerned; I thought DR1’s Sweden had the best snow banks of any rally game I remember - that said, it’s not a deal breaker if they’re not as good and I’ll wait to see before judging anyway.
  2. RodgerDavies

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    It was the C3 that was updated before, the 208 (recorded DS3 which is the same car underneath) this time.
  3. RodgerDavies

    Patch 1.4 - What matters to YOU?

    I'm all about time of day options, it can't be beyond the realm of possibility to add some morning and afternoon options.
  4. RodgerDavies

    no more marshall please

    I really like this feature too, certainly hope it's not removed - there are a couple of stages where the distance is too short IMO and the finish boards are waaay too solid, but that's the only critique I have.
  5. RodgerDavies

    Dirt Rally 2.0 - Fantastic game

    Drove a few stages with RGTs yesterday, Monte Carlo in the Mustang and the 911 in USA and no other game has ever had me tip-toeing around so nervously. I've done 2 hour enduros in GTR2 before and felt less than after a couple of stages in this game. I was excited by the RGTs' inclusion, but it's surpassed my expectations (except for on tarmac) - would love to see this class expanded further in future packs.
  6. RodgerDavies

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Road Book - 08/04/19

    I could be wrong, but last I heard they no longer had access to the car they were going to use to record from but were looking for another. Regarding waiting a week for the final audio - no-one is forcing you to use it for that week. I for one would rather have it now with the audio being finalised next week than wait another week for the whole thing. Tried the M1 on gravel (USA) for a few stages yesterday and found it surprisingly controllable, it felt tamer than the RGT cars to me personally.
  7. RodgerDavies

    Still to many night stages DR 2.0

    To be honest, a lot of them do start on an evening or at night for one or two stages. I have no problem with them starting at a random time, it's just the single 'daytime' stage before the evening ones start that is frustrating to me. Well, that and the complete lack of communication about the issue.
  8. RodgerDavies

    DR 2.0 - One Month Later

    Lol, I know, it's superb, but it is the developers' position to this day.
  9. RodgerDavies

    DR 2.0 - One Month Later

    VR addition will give them another “launch” shot at the game IMO and there’s nothing that shouldn’t be solvable before that IMO, but for those of us who already bought the game and bought into the “6 months of support” (of which one has already gone) I want to see a bit more comms about.
  10. RodgerDavies

    DR 2.0 - One Month Later

    Whilst I love the game, I will say that the lack of open and honest communication about its issues, in conjunction with the way Dirt 4 was handled post launch, is becoming a larger and larger issue for me. There’s a great game in here and I really hope to keep seeing content being added to it, but a few issues preventing it living up to expectations for some players. I think most noticeably the FFB and the weather and time conditions. But aside from the odd comment as a social media post or reply when community momentum demands it, there’s nothing forthcoming discussing the reasons for some of the changes, some of the things that might take longer and admitting some of the things we are asking for may not be possible. For a start; why is FFB lacking in the areas that people are asking about? There must be a logical reason, either a choice or change in the physics late in development affecting it. What’s the plan with it? Trying older versions? Getting in an expert like with DR1? Same with weather and time. How is it generated? Can we have any hope for new times (morning or afternoon) and changes to the way weather is assigned? Why are there certain times of day with only a single weather condition and others with four and why was the Dirt 4 system discarded? A choice for online play leaderboards? Using an earlier branch and Dirt 4 conditions weren’t compatible? What was the thinking behind the ‘iris effect’ making the shadows unreasonably dark in daytime? Is it something that could be toggleable or changed or is it a fundamental part of the engine version that can’t be addressed in this version? I don’t honestly mind the answers, it’s the lack of communication that bothers me. Assetto Corsa questions about night and rain: “it’s not possible, the engine only supports one light source”. OK then. Raceroom requests for offline multi class: “we can do the code for in game no problem (here are some screens) but we don’t have anyone to do the UI changes at the moment”. OK then. Il2 people wanting heavy bombers: “we have to model each crew position, a new flight model and for the same work we can do 4-6 regular aircraft. Limitations to maps and the draw distance means we couldn’t do it as well as we’d like to”. OK then. Now I admit, Codemasters seems to court players that wouldn’t read this level of depth, but there are plenty of us who will do. Heck, even DR1 had much better comms and was open about what couldn’t be changed within the engine.
  11. RodgerDavies

    Thanks for the Monte Carlo Rally stage(s) CM

    +1 from me on how nice Monte is, really enjoying it, both the road feel on ice and the updated scenery. Also, the combination with the RGT class is a LOT of fun. However, it further emphasises the need for more time of day options please; there's only one weather option for daytime and only one for dusk - please give us more options during daytime - would love to see these stages in early morning light.
  12. RodgerDavies

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    I see you also restrained yourself from an unnecessary "well, actually..." moment at all the 'jack' references...
  13. RodgerDavies

    Season 2 Content Poll

    Where's it confirmed to be 50/50 between Rally and RX?
  14. RodgerDavies

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    This bugs me more than it should do - I use a Welsh flag, but Phil won't 😞
  15. RodgerDavies

    Darkness and rain all the time

    Fully agree that we do need more time options. Early/late morning, noon, early/late afternoon before the sunset, dusk and night trio. And additional weather options for the times of day which currently only have one option.