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  1. RodgerDavies

    DiRTy Gossip

    The 'challenges' approach isn't one for me, but: The Bugalski Challenge: "win in Spain in an F2 car vs the 4WDs" The Delacour Challenge: "finish top 5 overall in Belgium in an RGT" The Lukyanuk Challenge: "win in Estonia in a NR4 vs the R5s" The Alen Challenge: "win a gravel round in an 037 vs the 4WD Group Bs" ...would make a lot of sense in the style of those McRae ones.
  2. RodgerDavies

    DiRTy Gossip

    Ah, that's an interesting approach - I know it's all managed through third-party apps (Content Manager), but Assetto Corsa has a nice way of managing that, where any admin can adjust restrictor or ballast settings of any car in a session. Obviously, physics of the various mods are all over the place, so I can't say they have "realistic" default physics, but certainly not balanced! ACC and rFactor2 with their regular re:BOPing is obviously ideal for online competition. Oh, one request for whatever the next title may be... let the relative pace of the car affect the AI times too please (ideally differently on different surfaces - eg Stratoses are dominant on tarmac but struggle vs the Escort [that will be in its class, right?] on gravel)
  3. RodgerDavies

    Dirt Rally 2.0 is amazing

    Here here David - is it perfect, no, but it's a combo of excellent loose surface physics, a great car list full of models with individual character and some of the best modelled rally stages we've seen in a game to date. Looking forward to finding out what's next!
  4. RodgerDavies

    DiRTy Gossip

    Yeah, I'm one in the '037 is easier* to control than others in its class' boat too - although it's a lot less fun than the Porsche! That's the opposite to DR1, when I could hardly complete a single stage with the Lancia... *everything is relative
  5. RodgerDavies

    DiRTy Gossip

    For the record, I am an occasional DR YouTube vid watcher I've no interest in WR attempts, it looks as unrealistic as any 'third person' camera video to me Third person vids have something that onboard WRs don't... exterior sounds - this differentiates it from me as I've never heard the external sounds of a lot of the cars Some vids I'm looking for are 'how does DR work with THIS hardware I have/am thinking of buying' - xpertgamingtech channel gets huge hits, but is using standard hardware Critically, a generic thumbnail of a 3rd person view stands out more than a generic thumbnail of a 1st person car (and, to me, more than many custom thumbnail styles - PJ's done a good job of making official vids with thumbnails that stand out) Critically, when the game or DLCs were new, I was happy to subscribe to quantity over quality - I've unsubbed from those now, but I guess many people stay subbed Singer Porsche? Looks like a Raid car to me, I've certainly no interest in that as things stand, I'd much rather have the 911 that actually rallies on stages. It's done a great deal in grabbing attention though, so can't argue with that.
  6. RodgerDavies

    DiRTy Gossip

    Thanks for that reminder... I had marked the last two weeks out as 'sim catch up' time, but turns out having a young child doesn't allow for that. Who knew? So hopefully will get a chance to try it this month.
  7. RodgerDavies

    DiRTy Gossip

    Regarding VW, it's VW Motorsport that's effectively been dissolved (well, integrated within the production vehicle unit), the wider group has no immediate implications from that - it basically means they stop selling customer TCR and R5 cars. Audi announced the end of their Formula E programme, but that's always felt like a ginormous waste of money to me - apparently they're planning for a return to Le Mans, now that has a global set of regs again, and it wouldn't surprise me if Audi, Porsche and maybe Bentley keep customer GT programmes going for the short-term (especially if GT3 and GTE rules converge). In rallying no sign of Skoda leaving and Seat/Cupra brand in TCR seems to be strong still.
  8. RodgerDavies

    DiRTy Gossip

    Busy day on here today, but just want to +1 with whoever thinks the current stages should be brought back. There's ~300km of the best rally stages that have been modelled there, and if a game with improved graphics and physics comes along I really hope we get to use them. Heck, the Finalnd stages are amazingly modelled, but I haven't once been able to enjoy them at speed in either game because of DR1's weird floaty effects and DR2's inability to run them without layering smoke from a forest fire over the top. Yes, some longer stages would be nice, but it's the number of unique KM I'm counting, not the length of each individual stage - I wouldn't complain with some longer ones, but personally I'd love DR3 to 'just' focus on expanding the existing locations with new stages to make those 'events' seem more varied; having Germany only at Baumholder, having Monte only on the Turini, Argentina only at Condor... these stages are 'special' rather than representative of their respective events so it would be great to have more 'normal' ones to intersperse them with. Just, please, no enforced fog - your stage modellers deserve better!
  9. RodgerDavies

    Career mode and car upgrades

    I could be wrong, but I don't think the AI are affected by car upgrades one jolt/bit/iota. Even the car they have doesn't have any impact on them, it's just a random label. The AI is a very good challenge, but I really hope for future games they get a bit more variety and personality in the way of modifiers for things like this. Other examples of things that would instantly give them a lot more character: different skills on different surfaces (possibly tied to nationality), the qualities of the car (eg Stratos better on tarmac), having some traits like consistency and reliability.
  10. RodgerDavies

    DiRTy Gossip

    I pressed 'play' on the Project CARS videos and immediately started looking for the mosquito in my room...
  11. RodgerDavies

    Shakedown survey (+ how do I improve?)

    I also have the thing referred to in real life where people take their mind off it when they take their foot off. I have learned the hard way that if I do want to protect a position, I can't back off too much or I'll end up making some other silly error from driving too differently.
  12. RodgerDavies

    Shakedown survey (+ how do I improve?)

    100% this - one of the several reasons I gave up on Dirt 4 within a few hours was that it felt pointlessly easy - DR2's first season was a bit like that, but it picked up quickly - driving as hard as I can in pursuit of a rare podium is a real highlight of Dirt Rally to me; with the exception of tarmac rounds (where I consistently do well) I've only won a tiny fraction of the AI events I've entered at the higher tiers (I'm talking single digits) and I can remember each of them clearly, because they meant something. I've also backed off from having a chance to win in order to be more likely to get the championship points too, which I'm not sure I've done in any other game. Makes it 'feel' much more rewarding to me.
  13. RodgerDavies

    Shakedown survey (+ how do I improve?)

    When I'm doing a career mode, I tend to do a couple of shakedown runs before the first stage - a slow one to acclimatise and a quicker one to know where I can push. I understand the reason why, but the shakedown being the first sector of the first stage is a little disappointing, but far from the end of the world - I like the way you can't make fixes between runs and there's a real consequence to just going out and binning it in practice, unlike most racing games.
  14. RodgerDavies

    Project CARS 3 banners in DiRT Rally 2.0

    IMO you're missing the best part of Project CARS2; the classic version of Le Mans with the 917K and 512S. Admittedly, not everyone was brought up on the Steve McQueen Le Mans movie...
  15. RodgerDavies

    Project CARS 3 banners in DiRT Rally 2.0

    I could have said the same for my personal tastes with Codemasters' studio after CMR2 and Toca World Touring Cars - they went further and further away from reproducing motorsport accurately and I had zero interest in anything else they did until Dirt Rally - but I'd never say "I'll never buy a product from them again". Just did a bit of research when I saw the footage of Dirt Rally, because I was very cynical. People in companies change, the products evolve with them. I've no interest in PC3 but I think the people who make the game are talented folks and if put on the right project they could create something I'd want to play. I'll be very cynical at whatever they produce next, but I'll judge it on its merit. I'm being a bit facetious there, sorry, I know you basically mean the same thing as I'm describing above.