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  1. RodgerDavies

    Upcoming dash cam?

    Seeing as this is the dashcam topic, just want to add that I LOVE the new dashcam option - it's a complete game-changer for me.
  2. Wow, I didn't realise those ones had been found! Top detective work, that's the last mystery solved.......
  3. RodgerDavies

    DiRTy Gossip

    Demon Tweeks livery is by far the best DLC livery so far, especially the Fiesta R2 one - gutted that it's on the 208 RX and not the R5 (or any R5 or RGT for that matter) - not going to lie, I'm still clinging to hope that you may go back and remove the hideous D+ and Season 1/2 logos from the first set of cars, because the step forward with the last couple have been monumental.
  4. RodgerDavies

    Game of the Year edition on Oculus Home

    Seeing as Codemasters said previously that the DLC will be coming at a later date and now say there's no update to make, I'm not sure how you reach the conclusion that "it looks like it won't". I imagine they're having to negotiate or plan something to do with it, maybe something licencing-wise, but that's me speculating. I understand it would be frustrating, but I'm sure there'll be an update on the plans announced as soon as it can be.
  5. RodgerDavies

    Upcoming dash cam?

    Looking forward to this immensely - thanks guys. If you've got any of them screenshots you can share PJ.............
  6. RodgerDavies

    DiRTy Gossip

    For that, I advise waiting until the 1.9 update hits next week and asking people who have it to review it and see what (if any) improvements have been made. Like you, I'd love as many people as possible to be able to sample this excellent game, so hopefully we see you on the leaderboards soon 🙂
  7. RodgerDavies

    DiRTy Gossip

    The post I linked to says: "* All DiRT Rally 2.0 post release content will be made available for Oculus at a later date." Now, just like with adding VR in the first place, they're no doubt having to work out a bunch of stuff to make sure it's available as soon as possible - I'm not going to even pretend to know what boring paperwork they have to fill out. But it's in everyone's interests for that to be done as soon as possible, so all I can advise is letting them do so and announcing it when they're able to.
  8. RodgerDavies

    DiRTy Gossip

    That's a fair (and politely asked) question - it's not something I've experienced (and I almost exclusively get to play at weekends), but definitely worth asking.
  9. RodgerDavies

    DiRTy Gossip

    Sorry, if that is the case I'll hold my hand up and edit - will see if I can find, but you may well be right. Edit: I think both are covered in PJ's excellent post here: - First one, improvements are scheduled to be made in v1.9 (which elsewhere is confirmed to come next week) - Second one, DLC for Oculus version is planned to come at a later date (confirmed since that dates aren't locked down yet) --- Quick shout out to PJ for staying on top of these and updates and you @MaXyMsrpl are completely correct to ask for those sources, cheers for holding to account - if you don't think that post addresses it or I've interpreted it incorrectly, I'm happy to update my posts still.
  10. RodgerDavies

    DiRTy Gossip

    But you don't have to pay for it - no-one has had to pay for it - you can pay for it and get it a few hours sooner, but you will get it as soon as it's available. I've pre-ordered games (OK, not for a long time) and books that arrived with me after they were available in the shops. Drop this relentless repetition please; there are far worse pieces of software out there - as you say, there's an immensely enjoyable game here that has a few issues - compared to a lot of games I've purchased there's nothing game-breaking here. I'll admit I don't use a Rift and would be frustrated if the performance is bad, but there have been plenty of comments and statements to address that they're looking at this and it's been far less time than, say, ACC has struggled with this. I'd rather have a superb game with a few flaws than a rubbish game without them.
  11. RodgerDavies

    How to play DR2.0 career with no bonuses?

    For the record, I agree with the basic point too, if not quite the mannerism.
  12. RodgerDavies

    DiRTy Gossip

    Flipping heck, I just drove Greece for four stages in the M2 after about a month of not being able to play and wow, absolutely loved it. Kudos to the team for these additions and the ongoing improvements to the game.
  13. I can't speak for Mike, but mine is you saying "I'm speechless" in a post 4 hours ago, and then writing 8 posts between then and now, one of which compares Codemasters' claim of Oculus support to the Holocaust. I suggest you go do some reading and gather some perspective if you want your points to be taken seriously (and I'm not saying your original point doesn't have some validity, although it's hardly black and white).
  14. RodgerDavies

    Rally GB 2019

    Damn date move means I can’t go for the first time in 6 years... 😞
  15. +1 on this feature request for me