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  1. There was obviously continuity between Milestone (≤WRC4) and Kylotten (≥WRC5), but it wouldn't surprise me if all parties would consider a name reboot when it's time for a 2024 release of the 2023 season (which I believe is the plan for Codies' first). From https://dirtfish.com/rally/wrc/codemasters-gets-rights-to-official-wrc-game/ Admittedly, that could just be a misreading of something saying "it will be released in the financial year ending March 2024", which would make 2023 possible.
  2. I heard that in the Audi in Argentina video; I assumed it was a misquote and he meant 'tarmac'. As always, massive respect to him keeping up a continue narrative whilst driving something that hectic! Nice to see him giving the game a much deserved highlight though.
  3. I guess they had to rename the real stage so as not to infringe on Codemasters' copyright 😛 (Although actually, if I remember correctly the DR Greek stage names make no sense in Greek)
  4. Ah, I remember most of those from launch and added to my 'hoped for' list. I didn't realise the Skoda was the never update, I'm sure that'll come in handy somewhere down the line... Having just found the list, I wouldn't say no to the Lotus Exige or Alpine A110 either (in GT4 spec) - I didn't realise that was the 'new' Alpine before. The '60s Mustang would be fun too, but that wouldn't really fit nicely into any class so I'd probably leave off if I was making a wishlist. Which I am.
  5. I really hope all this conjecture about Frostbite is actually just a clandestine plot to annoy PJ into dropping some distracting gossip somewhere. Secretly, JZS and Jake have been meeting up once a week wearing fake moustaches and planning this squabble down to a finely orchestrated piece of performance art, expertly ramping it up at WRC10's release to make sure they're heard above the very weird tin-like engine sounds that that game continues to make after 5 versions. Bravo fellows, bravo. PJ will be posting mysterious pictures of a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 'III' on Instagram any day now, j
  6. Guys, stop bickering please. I'm fully onboard with bringing over the existing stages. Two reasons; 1. In many cases they're iconic stages, it would be like launching a sequel to a racing game without the predecessor's most iconic tracks (looks at Project CARS 3) 2. We haven't had opportunity to enjoy all of these stages on the latest engine - I really want to enjoy the Finland stages and Scotland stages without DR2's enforced fog and the Spanish stages with the (hopefully) improved tarmac physics. What a shame it would be if your favourite stage(s) weren't available in t
  7. I wish, I've been nearly every year since 2014 but stuck on plague island this time, so no chance of seeing its WRC debut. Entry list looks superb and will be very jealous of you out on the stages, although I'm guessing movement between stages might be a bit more restricted than usual?
  8. For me personally, the difficulty is great for that very reason. For the record, I've spent most of my DR2 'career' bouncing between the 2nd and 3rd tier championships ('Elite' and 'Pro'), I've never once troubled the possibility of getting to the upper level ('Master'). And this is one of my favourite aspects of the game - I can work on improving and improving. I once thought it would be impossible for me to qualify above Pro level, but I had to really work on that promotion. I'd love for the AI to have a bit more character and suffer/enjoy the same promotions/relegations as you you
  9. Completely valid point when you think of the overhype some games get because of the time between announcement and release - when not managed well, that hype can derail the good parts of the game. On the other end of the scale, you get releases like DR1's, that were so sudden and unexpected that hey, everything was new, shiny and excellent with zero expectations up front. I understand that's not the most profitable way to release, but boy was it effective.
  10. Definitely throw Raceroom onto that end of the scale IMO - some exceptional sounds in that game; it was out on its own for years but ACC, DR2 and some others are starting to catch up. AMS2's latest GTs are a step up on their previous ones (they hired 'ACFan' of modding fame).
  11. I just mean, if the strategy is announcing games now for (early) 2022, why would they wait several more months to announce another game to release in Q1 2022? There is a possible answer for that; Grid is a single brand and the 2019 game isn't being updated, whilst Dirt as a brand serves two games one of which (Dirt5) is currently 'active'. But I still wouldn't expect them to overlap so much; I'm sure certain marketing assets and no doubt other team members are shared between projects. Grid and DR2 launched 9 months apart in 2022 - if something's coming next year, I'd expect at least
  12. If they've announced this Grid game for 2022, I don't see anything arriving until much later in the year... at earliest.
  13. Urgh, well that's worse news than no news in DR terms. Maybe DR3 is just a Danish TV Company, a highway in the Dominican Republic and a debug register of x86 processors after all Although thanks @JorritVDfor this reminder: https://dirtfish.com/rally/wrc/codemasters-gets-rights-to-official-wrc-game/ 🤔
  14. I'd be very surprised if they announced something today - pretty sure there would have been some hints dropped by now if it were worth tuning in for.
  15. Good point, it's definitely A Tier in sounds
  16. With tarmac locations, you're not wrong - that's been a long-held critique of the series. It's not terrible, but it does feel like the car is set up for gravel suspension even on tarmac to me. I agree with you on the lighting too - it doesn't help that the day's time zones are day, late, later and night so rallying in DR2 is more of an evening activity. However, just fiddling with in game settings a little I've had this mostly to my liking. Could it be better? Sure, but it's still the best looking game in its genre by a mile. My biggest lighting complaint is the forced fog in some of the
  17. Which, if I understand correctly, is what ACC does with Unreal? @JZStudios @Jake Cushing Calm down both, you're escalating rhetoric at each other over something purely hypothetical. Whatever they use going forward, if there are big changes from the current engine then no doubt plenty of work will go into its feasibility (Frostbite, Madness, Unreal, whatever) and we'll end up with a better end product.
  18. I would be massively surprised by that - DR3 will have been planned well before the EA takeover. It may be factored in as an option for the WRC stuff, but decisions for any potential DR11 game coming out next year will surely have been taken before that. I can see Madness engine being a future option (AMS2 is doing great things with that) but I can see upgraded versions of the current Codies' one too.
  19. I'll ask it then... If you answer any of these, how long before you get sacked?
  20. Wow, holy 2D Batman. To think that screenshot is for a game released at a later date than the Nissan screenshot above...
  21. It's not like it drives like tarmac or gravel anyway, is it?
  22. Ypres, Ypres, Ypres!!! It's contractual now Codies, you have to bring it, otherwise you're clearly in breach of... something. Someone on your forum said someone on a FB page knows someone who said it's coming. Amazing, thanks for the confirmation!
  23. That's interesting news - Eurosport did such a great job in the IRC years, including showing every stage of Monte Carlo live, but they've really abandoned it in recent years, putting next to no coverage together and really strangling the series, with WRC2 picking up a lot of drivers who would have been possible entrants (despite the complete lack of attention WRC2/3 gets from WRC Promoter, frustratingly).
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