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    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Would it be possible to allow pulling up the start menu during replays? It would allow turning down graphics settings for high framerate during gameplay, and turning them back up during replays to make them pretty. Not really necessary, but an idea. Also related to replays, a "mute co-driver" alongside "mute music" Don't get me wrong I love the co-driver and think the work that went into it is phenomenal, (I play helmet-cam HUD off) but I like my replays just car and ambiance. Lastly, since I probably mentioned it earlier but hadn't thought of a way to implement it then, but maybe holding the downshift button on a controller to go straight into reverse? Maybe only while the brake is pressed if necessary? I'm trying to avoid the auto-reset as much as possible, but I lose so much time just cycling through gears, only to lose even more to the reset penalty when I finally give up and reset. [edit]If this is just how all rally cars are, then that's fine I guess, I'm under the impression that it's just a disadvantage I'm stuck with because I have a 360 pad instead of a wheel[/edit] Oh and seconding more information about a map during course selection screen, the names of the courses alone don't convey nearly enough information by themselves. Map preview on more than just the loading screen, track length, whether the track is a reverse of another track, stuff like that. "Custom Events" are my most played mode because I like just messing around.
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    DiRT Rally feedback list

    It'd be neat if there was something in-between career mode and single event mode, so you're not stuck doing your 3 shakedowns to try out different settings. Not sure if it'd break the vibe of it being a sim, but as someone who's never messed with sliders or played sim racers before, it'd be neat if there were a faster way to get between the car sliders menu and a full race. Maybe a "tuning" mode where you can adjust them on the fly on some sort of test track? I think Midnight Club 3 DUB edition had something like that, lol. I just can't really get a feel for what things like "brake bias front/back" and "front springs hard and back springs soft" do. [EDIT] and maybe maps or something on the various course select screens? As a rally noobie I can't tell the courses apart by name alone, and there's apparently over 30 of them with more coming[/edit]
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    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Only thing happening that I'm not used to is with the controls set to "Manual Sequential" the brakes don't shift into reverse, so I have to cycle through all the gears in reverse order before I can back onto the track. I haven't read the thread yet but I haven't seen it mentioned in OP. Also since this is my first Sim racer (had to see what all the hype is about) any sort of training mode or tutorial might be nice. I can't drift to same my life, but I don't actually know how to drift at all so I don't know what to practice. So far my only solution is to find a course with a hairpin near the start and restart the race each time I crash =/ Playing on a 360 controller, too. Don't have access to a race wheel and won't for a good long while.