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    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Great job with the game so far. I'm a pad-wielding, chase-cam-using casual rally gamer who doesn't play any other types of racing games at all (don't enjoy racing against other cars). I think I've played all CMR games and every DiRT game besides Showdown, and the direction taken with DiRT Rally is definitely a positive one. I don't have any problems with the driving model and I think the game benefits from the removal of f.ex. flashbacks, but I do have some gripes after playing for 10 hours: I really don't understand the idea behind Career mode difficulty curve. I finished an Open Championship as 3rd on my first attempt, and then again as 3rd at the Clubman level. Got moved to Professional series, and now it seems like I'm permanently stuck finishing on the 8-10th place every single time. I feel like the game moved me up the ranks way too fast, giving me more and longer events to drive and just enough credits to purchase RWD cars that feel way more difficult to control. Instead of feeling that I'm improving in the process, I feel like I'm getting worse. It really is disheartening to always finish a stage about a minute behind the best time and to see yourself already being 10 seconds behind at the first checkpoint. Fighting against the clock on whether I'll finish 8th or 9th isn't really motivating at all, and getting enough dough to purchase a 4WD car seems like a distant dream. I've been playing these games long enough to know that I'm not going to get considerably better with the time investment I'm willing to put in, so "hang in there" isn't much of a consolation. Career mode needs a difficulty that you can select for yourself instead of one that the game decides is best for you (failing in the process). Furthermore, the menus really need a single-press "repair suggested things and continue to next stage" button instead of having to go to the actual repairs page to trigger the suggested settings. The repair selection menu is just too complex for my liking, with way too much stuff to choose from. Same can be said for the Car Tuning settings - I don't have the slightest clue what to do there, and the help texts aren't really helpful at all. Worst of all, I'm afraid to tweak the settings at all since I know it's possible to mess up and make things harder for myself and I don't want to waste my time doing shakedowns. I feel like the game could benefit from a more dumbed down difficulty option that wouldn't have any effect on the car handling, stage lengths or anything like that. In this mode the menus would be more streamlined with a couple of easy repair and tuning options more in line or the earlier CMR games (I remember liking the few available options in CMR1 back in the day), and the game wouldn't suddenly drop the player to a dead end difficulty-wise. The more sim-oriented menus with a plethora of stuff to tweak could still exist in higher difficulties. Finally, a couple of minor things: - The split timer shouldn't pop up in the middle of the screen, and it should be visible for a shorter period before reaching a checkpoint. - Sometimes it takes 5-10 seconds for the game to realize you're actually stuck before bringing up the "reset vehicle" prompt. - When racing close to trees with a chase cam, the camera distance sometimes yanks around wildly especially when cornering.