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  1. TotalKore

    The Smart Cheater - A New Breed?

    I've raced that American also. It didn't come to my attention until somebody else told me about him, and sent a youtube link proving it. He calls it brake/acceleration hack. Didn't even know it existed. I know there are hacks for almost any game, but you should think CM could filter those guys out.
  2. TotalKore

    Corrupt Save Files - Fix Incoming!

    And there I was, thinking I would be in the clear. Just got my corrupt savedata error this morning. Ah well, there's stuff needed to be done around the house anyway, so I guess I'll go and do that till the fix is here. Can do a couple of hours without playing, hehe...
  3. TotalKore

    Just bought the season pass

    I bought the season pass on steam, but my online garage doesn't contain the extra 5 slots. Do they only unlock after the first dlc?
  4. TotalKore

    Grid Autosport

    Looking niiiice... Can't wait for more info. Here's hoping for a demo.