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  1. 'Only' 142k copies might have been sold. But, if CM continue with their planned development arch then in a years fine there will still be at least 140k people playing. As mentioned above, this game is aimed at true rally fans and if CM keep providing the game we want then we'll keep playing it. I only get to play for about 1hr per week due to kids and other real life things but I can still see me playing for this amount in a years time of the development continues to go from strength to strength.

  2. Voted 'nah' because I don't think any more time should be be put into the hill climb side of DR personally. Don't enjoy it in any way. Additionally, the standard rally cars would be minimal use towards the latter stages of Pikes Peak as the cars suffer huge power loss due to the altitude. Which is why the Pikes Peak vehicles have so much power in order to compensate this.

  3. This is an ongoing issue, although it does appear to be happening less than before. But I don't believe there is still a definitive reason this error occurs. I had this problem after the hill climb patch and the only thing that fixed it for me was a game AND gpu driver update. So first thing to do is check your graphic card driver is up to date. If this doesn't work there are a number of 'work arounds' people have suggested in other similar threads. Unfortunately none of them work all the tube and definitely don't work for everyone. Like I said, when it happened to me it was just a case of waiting until it was fixed.

  4. Maybe this option could be unlocked one you have completed and won the top level in career and offer some sort of reward or achievement for those that complete it? As others have said I don't have the time to complete 5lvls per class but I do like the idea, so maybe this could be a compromise.

  5. Hill climb feels shoehorned into the game for me. I personally don't enjoy it and have no intension to invest my hard earned cash into a hill climb car for championship events. The rally is what it is all about and the rally cross is a nice addition and gives a change without straying to far from the rally routes.

  6. Martakus said:
    I really disagree with this. It´s easy enough to go down in championship tiers and it would be unfair to allow you to jump right into the Masters, because they earn you way more money per stage than the clubman events - which is what the whole progression is based on. I prefer it the way it is. If you want to pick the opponent´s strength, you can just do an individual rally instead of playing career mode.

    My thoughts too.

  7. PortiST said:
    I'm having the error 41 too.
    I bought the game 5 days ago, at first everything was fine, 2 days ago started the 41 thing from time to time, nothing really worring, but right now I can't play the game longer that 5 minutes, and having the error 41 CTD once and once again...
    Unfortunately there is no real answer for this yet. Some people have been able to fix it by simple verifying the game cache, others have done it through gpu driver setting changes. But then there is also those who just had to wait for a game patch and driver update to be able to play again. Suggest trying the number of different suggestions on this forum and hoping one works for you. Also, don't forget to submit a bug report as it will help CM to identify what it is causing this issue.

  8. It would be useful as you say in your 2 poll options but I don't think it is needed as it would detract from the 'sim' approach CM are trying to achieve. A better option, and more realistic in my opinion, would be to have a very limited, small, amount of time between stages to 'sure up' or patch up damage, as is the case in rallying. And to also survey any damage you have received during the previous stage. Although I feel this would be quite a lot of development work for a (relatively) small feature and I'd prefer them to put this time into more stages and polishing the current game.

  9. enamel said:
    Blither said:
    Playing with an Xbox 360 Controller I seem to have the problem of not being able to keep the revs up mid corner, like, I cannot brake and rev the engine at the same time.  Presumably partly because I am not using a clutch - I wonder if there might be a way round this.
    Nope, it uses a single axis unfortunately. This means brake and throttle inputs cancel each other out. You can separate them with a custom driver, but there is no way to do it with the MS driver.
    Didn't realise that. I hope they fix this.