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  1. Travis5225

    DiRT Rally feedback list

                    testing area / practice area would be cool, also just had a thought after watching my replay. I think seeing dirt/dust/loose gravel here and there in front of you would make the road textures look more realistic
  2. Travis5225

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Dude uneven terrain is the reason rally exist its kind of the reason people go out there and take the challenge, and to say Whales is descriptively flat or boring  is a oxymoron for a location that has you continuously in and out of a forest through water passing trees on loose gravel at 90mph. I just think its too difficult for you.
  3. Travis5225

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    First of all after playing for only 1 hour great graphics and design, I think we have all been waiting for something like this for a long time, it brings back the old days of playing the original CM or RBR. Just a few things I think could be changed or fixed, -The crowd doesn't seem lively enough, like 2 guys waving at the same time in sync. It would be nice to see them actually look at you when taking a picture or possibly hear them yell or run across the road. - Crashing...The least possible thing you want to happen but when it does the CO driver has this miraculous skill of still being able to call out corners while upside down!  This in car visual/sound effects of hitting a tree or a window breaking could use some more detail for example head jolting/camera shack, and maybe a **** from the crew. Also, seeing the crowd move away from you as you fly into a turn to fast would cool too. On RBR the crowd would help flip the car back over or what not. -Speed, even though if doesn't seem like your going fast until your sideways we need more stimulation for our senses on those long straight passes. One last thing to add. I am having a hard time getting my car loose, no matter how much I tweak it, its just not enough. We should be able to adjust steering arm, sway and tires. Because most of us rally nuts like to turn with our foot not the wheel. - Simulation, the less arcade the better.