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  1. But one thing is for sure. DiRT Rally was the best reviewed game (from the moment it was published) that Codemasters have made in a long time. I think still is the best reviewed game? DR launched, in Early Access, with only 17 cars and 3 Enviroments ( Wales, Greece and Monaco ). No Career ( it still doesn't has one ), no Multiplayer ( it came later with RX ), no Pikes Peak, no nothing. Just 17 cars and 3 Enviroments... D4 is a " Full Package " and it's very far from that score... It says a lot. If you actually read D4's reviews you see a lot of "Not enough MP stuff" or "Not
  2. I wonder if that PvP event box I see greyed out will be able to handle more than 8 players at once...
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