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  1. Alf72 said:
    But one thing is for sure. DiRT Rally was the best reviewed game (from the moment it was published) that Codemasters have made in a long time.

    I think still is the best reviewed game? DR launched, in Early Access, with only 17 cars and 3 Enviroments ( Wales, Greece and Monaco ). No Career ( it still doesn't has one ), no Multiplayer ( it came later with RX ), no Pikes Peak, no nothing. Just 17 cars and 3 Enviroments...

    D4 is a " Full Package " and it's very far from that score... It says a lot.

    If you actually read D4's reviews you see a lot of "Not enough MP stuff" or "Not enough rallycross tracks" as well as "Too much oversteer" (which is just hilarious no matter what you think of D4's physics) negative reviews that say D4 has better graphics and the one next to it *mostly* complaining that D4's graphics are worse than DR, as well as a lot of people who probably picked Gamer mode and are wondering why it's more arcadey than DR. Even just bizarre stuff like complaining about not being able to drive any car anywhere immediately which is just false. I think it says something about what reaching for a wider audience gets you in the immediate response department (like 90% of these reviews have single digit hours played).
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