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  1. I'm using USB 3.0 and yea compatability mode fix that problem
  2. why that would be a thing? and FFB not working only in Dirt Rally 2. AMS, AC, ACC, R3E, Dirt Rally works perfectly, I have this wheel for like a month but only last week I try it DR2. The only thing I can think of is that I use Fanatec Porsche GT3RS v2 before once to test the game like half a year ago (FFB on that wheel worked) and now when I connect with new wheel FFB does not work? I dunno
  3. How do I fix this? Why there is no FFB? what is this? I can play any game from early 2000 with no problem but this, relatively new title don't support the wheel ARE YOU FOR REAL!? Also bit off-topic why co-pilot sound in only on the left speaker?
  4. I would like to add my few cents Mouse driven menu, current one is frustrating I don't remember where is button 1 or 15 on my wheel... and I don't need that knowledge make menu so I don't have to touch my keyboard or wheel...Another thing is head movement looking at the cornerPhysics on some surfaces feels not right compare it to RBRTraining/Driving School again just like in RBR where the school is absolutely fantasticWould be nice if snow on the side of the road would be a snow and not and stone wall barrierHigher limit for FoVOther than that great effort keep it up!
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