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  1. Bottom left reads something like 22B is not a wrc...
  2. will you marry me? jokes appart.... does all the game modes works with the "re-encrypted" files?
  3. the uphill section from 3:00.... can you see every detail on the road?. I live in a very sunny place and I had never get this effect when driving on a gravel/dust road.
  4. As hard as fix a bug known two years ago . For me this is not a game breaker bug, I'm just becoming a little bit tired to have the same bugs from dirt4 (bad lighting, wipers, stage times, etc...) plus some new ones (sound cuts, setups load, non working tire wear, etc...)
  5. heat haze is a distorsion effect.... not a light reflection. I'm not a hater, I really love this game but there are some bugs still unfixed since dirt4.
  6. oh dear.... wiper bug and "ultra-shinning" road surface still present (had somebody ever seen a dusty dry gravel surface reflecting light as a mirror do?).
  7. Other games have locked car files but offer a "custom livery" folder outside the main car folder.... if other companys can do it that way... why can't codies do it
  8. no.... a lot of "ilegal" players are driving it since codies put the files in the game... you can find some youtube gameplays with the subie
  9. New subaru and focus files are already in the game.... we will see them on youtube soon
  10. after the dirt show there is one thing that I can say... the "random wipper on" bug from D4 is still present :( 
  11. Including "dirt showdown" next dirt/mcrae game will be the 13th on the franchise timeline... and... the bio from Colin Solberg the "kebabpizza master" is a copy from Petter Solberg's bio (living in Sweden, first wrc victory in 2002, 2003 wrc champion,2014 wrx champion and now taking care about his son Oliver "dirt4 rally handling is not so god" Solberg)... Maybe next from codies is Solberg dirt rally or something like that.
  12. Any coment about Paul confirmation of no new content for the game? https://twitter.com/Kick_Up/status/741225186876362753 The only thing we can spec until a new game release are improved physics and some fixes?
  13. More trees means less fps for poor men gpu's  :/ .... But... Nice to see full "classic" gravel PP
  14. The 5 turbo must be in 70s rwd. The car was homologated in group 4 as the escort, stratos and 131 and always raced against these "kind" of cars (remenber in 1980, 81 and 82 drivers world rally championship were won by drivers on 70s rwd cars).
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