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  1. grancab

    DiRTy Gossip

    the uphill section from 3:00.... can you see every detail on the road?. I live in a very sunny place and I had never get this effect when driving on a gravel/dust road.
  2. grancab

    DiRTy Gossip

    As hard as fix a bug known two years ago . For me this is not a game breaker bug, I'm just becoming a little bit tired to have the same bugs from dirt4 (bad lighting, wipers, stage times, etc...) plus some new ones (sound cuts, setups load, non working tire wear, etc...)
  3. grancab

    DiRTy Gossip

    heat haze is a distorsion effect.... not a light reflection. I'm not a hater, I really love this game but there are some bugs still unfixed since dirt4.
  4. grancab

    DiRTy Gossip

    oh dear.... wiper bug and "ultra-shinning" road surface still present (had somebody ever seen a dusty dry gravel surface reflecting light as a mirror do?).
  5. grancab

    Lighting and Colour Palette Improvements

    The "ultra-reflective" wet road surfaces, the poor rain/water/particules effects and the fake windscreen dirt (always have the same spills and wipers marks) ruins game graphics.
  6. you had found the "focus wrc transformer style" game's easter egg
  7. Other games have locked car files but offer a "custom livery" folder outside the main car folder.... if other companys can do it that way... why can't codies do it
  8. grancab

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    But... suspension work may result in geometry variations that causes torque forces (f.e. due to the movement of the steering arms) and these and the "front wheels speed gap (and lsd work) when loosing traction" forces are the ones that DR2.0's ffb lacks the most. Rally cars have stiffer suspension and steering joints and bushes than street cars and rally tyres are stiffer (not only grippier) than road legal ones, as result you can feel some torque forces at the steering wheel that are "filtered" on daily cars. Try a Rfactor2 or a Raceroom (tune down the canned effects in raceroom) Front Wheel Drive car, you can feel that kind of forces in a closer to reality way than other simulator can give. And... don't forget that an impact on a tyre not only compress the suspension, lateral impacts and/or impacts under heavy steer situations causes steer forces over the steering rack. IMHO Dirt Rally 2.0 FFB give a good SAT in order to feel the "dinamics" of the car (understeer, oversteer, weight transfers) but fails to give propper information from what is happening to front wheels.
  9. grancab

    DiRTy Gossip

    no.... a lot of "ilegal" players are driving it since codies put the files in the game... you can find some youtube gameplays with the subie
  10. grancab

    DiRTy Gossip

    New subaru and focus files are already in the game.... we will see them on youtube soon
  11. spanish codriver swaps the way pacenotes are called during the stage. Normally he calls in "classic spanish way" corner direction/corner grade (Derecha 6 for example) but in almost every stage he makes some corner grade/corner direction calls (3 izquierda)... and for one of the short stages in new zeland he calls the whole route in the "not so spanish" way to call pacenotes.
  12. Dirt rally 2.0 have the same bugs/faults for pc users that Dirt 4 got since release data up today and the limited content of Dirt rally(very limited seat/view adjusment range, no keyboard indications on screen, strange lighting behavior, wrong stage times, auto-wipers always on, some bad text and codriver translations on non english versións, unaccurate car interiors/dashboards, no "modding" liveries allowed, only four rally locations/two real stages per country, and some more that can't remenver now...) plus the "non road effects FFB" and the "always connected" career mode. Don´t you see the problem?... a year and a half later codies give us almost the same unpolished product.... with a very good physics.
  13. playing on pc with a "custom" steering wheel on my t500rs base there is no way to known wich keyboard button I have to push to control the menus because game always show "thrustmaster numered buttons indications"
  14. Wipers in "manual mode" works like in "auto-mode" and they ramdonly wipe with no dust or mud on the windscreen at all... a well known bug from dirt4 still unsolved
  15. grancab

    DiRTy Gossip

    after the dirt show there is one thing that I can say... the "random wipper on" bug from D4 is still present :(