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  1. Think about that for a second, what you are asking for is for the wheel spin to NOT be tied to the car speeds reading. I don't know of any real world car that measures speed except through the wheel travel/spin. So I think it's behaving as it SHOULD. If you know of a car that actually uses a laser or GPS to track it's speed I'd be amazed because it would be very inaccurate compared to a wheel spin. http://www.explainthatstuff.com/how-speedometer-works.html
  2. I was playing today and struggling with the pace notes on a particular section of a Wales stage when I made a realisation. The pace notes are designed for the driver to be going at a set speed through each corner. If you have a prang or are just learning the game, the pace notes can feel wildly off at times and make you turn too early for some corners. What could fix this is if the game detects the current car speed for a corner approach and adjusts the pace note delay to compensate (like a real co-driver would). I don't think this would be too hard to implement. Basically you would have a t
  3. Apart from the force feedback which is currently broken on my Fantec GT2 there are a few other bugs I noticed. Running on Ultra with an r290 there are some flickering textures using the AMD Omega Drivers. Most noticeable on stages with forests and in the distance mostly. I also noticed in the Monte Carlo stages which have the back to back hairpins there is a section which stutters terribly. This video demonstrates it at the 20:00 mark: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QModsWuBPZk  It's consistently bad, easily reproduced and often leads to a loss of time or mistake, really needs a look at
  4. Thanks so much Hadii I slightly modified your settings to work with my Fanatec GT2 and went from no feedback on center to feeling bumps! *UPDATE* OK I played a few hours tonight. For about an hour I was in the zone, peeling through each corner hanging on my co-driver's words and manged to get a few 2nd places and podium finishes in career mode. Hadii's settings are the bomb! made the game imminently more playable. My GT2 wheel settings are currently: SEN:400deg, DRI:4, FF:80, SHO:60, SPR and DPR set to OFF.  Most fun I've had since Richard Burns rally. My r290 just eats up this game and
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