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  1. 6e66o

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    @bogani  I tried several tweaked FFB files. None of them feel good. The cars feel ok´ ish on gravel (still too much traction) but on tarmac it´s pretty much impossible to powerslide.  Could also be related to the way the power is delivered (i.e too slowly) This would be more like it: https://youtu.be/5a-UuHS03xQ
  2. 6e66o

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Car physics: Too much grip/traction coming out of corners. Cant steer the car with the throttle. -A more realistic tyre slip angle is needed. -Power needs to be delivered more aggressively   FFB: -Should pull in the opposite direction when the car is oversteering -Should become lighter as you loose grip when understeering -Should contain all the information when driving over bumps and different road surfaces. -Should be based on load and grip values instead of canned effects.