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  1. RTAnoskills, you seriously underestimate KB users. I'm a wheel user myself, but I always gave credit to keyboarders. If you can't achieve a certain level of skill with KB, this doesn't mean it's impossible. Maybe your parents always told you that you are the best and now you can't accept the fact that you are not? Here's the sad truth: you are not performing on the limits of human capabilities. In anything. This "if you are faster than me, you must be a cheater" credo always amused me. Almost like saying Usain Bolt is a cheater, because you can't run 100m in 9,58s (and nobody
  2. He acknowledged this issue in a similar topic on the Steam forums:
  3. Ok, I'm going to interrupt and "help a brotha out". Exhibit A http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxdQkcPdpqg Is this enough, bennyboy1 ?
  4. Results: I used a loan BMW 1M and IsuckAtDriving used lvl20 (flywheel, weight reduction and clutch upgrades applied) with no tuning unlocked on purpose.  Both  upgrades and tuning were enabled in the options.  Unfortunately upgrades didn't work (it behaved like stock). But when we disabled tuning, the upgrades worked and showed a difference compared to stock.
  5. I'll duplicate my answer here too  :) Loore, it doesn't matter what tracks/categories you give us, just don't let them repeat until all of them are fully rotated. We appreciate you switched to manual mode, hopefully you'll find a way to make a proper randomization algorithm.
  6. Loore, please answer one simple question – who the hell comes up with global challenges? Because even random number generator can’t screw up this bad, the same story was in Grid 2! How hard is it to make an algorithm that doesn’t allow for tracks/cars to be repeated until fully rotated??! How many locations are there? TWENTY ONE (21), half of those were EXTREMELY repetitive in Racenet Global Challenges!  I don’t have info for at least first 2 weeks of GC, but after that let’s see what we had: Brands Hatch: 4 times, 3 of which was the same track. Okutama: 3 times, ALL 3 of which was the
  7. The more we complain, the more prioritized this issue becomes, it speeds up the process. You can test this anywhere in real life. You must be racing with their pace then. Because to others bots are more annoying than challenging. Racing vs. leaderboards - that's the challenge.
  8. That's a great idea, should be even easier than ghosting bots.  Loore, how hard is any of that?
  9. So imagine, it's about 3am, I'm Time Attacking and out of the blue... will you see it coming? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VlY76adiCc And a copy/paste from steam forums, because I can whine about racenet bots all day long... Here's my typical Time Attack:  1) every first lap is wasted, because we have a rolling start at a speed which is quite slower than possible; 2) if we don't sit at least 20-30 seconds before the last turn of the first already_wasted lap, there's a high chance we'll get bots in the way; 3) bot placement is random for each full restart. TL DR: first la
  10. Some of these are wrong in Street/Tuner, refer to a Comprehensive Car Guide.
  11. I like the new forums, great style, clean font. A lot better than steamcommunity - that's for sure :bz
  12. I have G27 that works fine in Grid1, Grid2, Dirt2 and Dirt3.I'm not really obsessed/picky about FFB but in my opinion Dirt2 has the best FFB.
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