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  1. RTAnoskills, you seriously underestimate KB users. I'm a wheel user myself, but I always gave credit to keyboarders.

    If you can't achieve a certain level of skill with KB, this doesn't mean it's impossible. Maybe your parents always told you that you are the best and now you can't accept the fact that you are not?
    Here's the sad truth: you are not performing on the limits of human capabilities. In anything.
    This "if you are faster than me, you must be a cheater" credo always amused me. Almost like saying Usain Bolt is a cheater, because you can't run 100m in 9,58s (and nobody else can in the past 5 years)

    How about you forget about your online incident and do a Time Trial to solve your argument? Two rounds, both of you pick one track and category (just make sure it's available).
    Amphy, you can record videos with inputs, but upload if RTAnoskill admits he can't beat you. And I'm sure it will be so eventually.

  2. Loore, please answer one simple question – who the hell comes up with global challenges? Because even random number generator can’t screw up this bad, the same story was in Grid 2!
    How hard is it to make an algorithm that doesn’t allow for tracks/cars to be repeated until fully rotated??!

    How many locations are there? TWENTY ONE (21), half of those were EXTREMELY repetitive in Racenet Global Challenges! 
    I don’t have info for at least first 2 weeks of GC, but after that let’s see what we had:

    Brands Hatch: 4 times, 3 of which was the same track.
    Okutama: 3 times, ALL 3 of which was the same track.
    Paris: 3 times, 2 of which was the same track.
    Circuit of the Americas: 3 times, 2 of which was the same track.
    Mont Tremblant: 3 times, 2 of which was the same track and THE SAME CAR.
    Spa: 3 times, 2 of which was the same track.
    Algarve: 3 times, 2 of which was the same track.
    Sepang: 2 times, ALL 2 of which was the same track and THE SAME CAR.
    San Francisco: 2 times.
    Yas Marina: 2 times.
    Washington: 2 times.
    Hockenheimring: 2 times.

    Same goes for the cars/categories - they are extremely repetitive!

    WHAT. THE. HELL?  :s

  3. How about I just read and no need to post the same stuff over and over when CM has already said that some stuff will be addressed into upcoming patches.
    The more we complain, the more prioritized this issue becomes, it speeds up the process. You can test this anywhere in real life.

    I like the AI in RACENET CHALLENGE. It makes it more challenging.

    You must be racing with their pace then. Because to others bots are more annoying than challenging. Racing vs. leaderboards - that's the challenge.

  4. So imagine, it's about 3am, I'm Time Attacking and out of the blue... will you see it coming?


    And a copy/paste from steam forums, because I can whine about racenet bots all day long...

    Here's my typical Time Attack: 

    1) every first lap is wasted, because we have a rolling start at a speed which is quite slower than possible;

    2) if we don't sit at least 20-30 seconds before the last turn of the first already_wasted lap, there's a high chance we'll get bots in the way;

    3) bot placement is random for each full restart.

    TL DR: first lap + 30 seconds of each attempt is wasted.

    I really miss Grid 2 Power Laps, where you have a standing start + only 1 lap and nobody that gets in the way. Checkpoints had no AI as well.

    >end of copy/paste

    I think the best/easiest solution is to ghost bots in Every. Single. Challenge. Because a challenge should not be luck based!

  5. Here's a list from steamcommunity thread we've created a while ago with some decent suggestions concerning Grid 2

    The Ultimate suggestions list.

    -1) Don’t make walls that provoke wallriding!

    0) List of servers with ping, including playlists (ping bars on players).

    1) Text chat.

    2.1) Online practice mode or Time Trial mode.
    2.2) Or at least let us use upgraded cars in Single Player // by Tex-Rec

    3.0) Balanced cars (so there are no dominant 1-2 cars in each tier).

    4.1) Force push2talk ON by default. 
    I love voice chat, but right now I have to mute most people so I don’t hear every sound they make (if they use speakers - it’s a disaster).
    4.2) Give an option to mute people during a race or at “session results” or at “event entrants” screens.
    4.3) Add “Mute voice chat” toggle hotkey.

    5.1) Global Challenges are now more like “Friend Challenges”, why do I have to visit Racenet website for *global* results?
    5.2) At least add a link to racenet/challenges webpage inside the game // by DonSeismo

    6) Look left/right when using bonnet cam should turn 90 degrees, not 45.
    6.1) Rear/side view mirrors (by Annabell)

    7) Map overviews and map name when loading and in “session settings”.
    7.1) Also while choosing a car. // by The grizzly
    It is often annoying when you join right as the votes are over and you can only choose your car but cannot see the map that is coming up.

    8) “Reset car” hotkey. 

    9) Derby mode in “Everything” playlist // by NY GAMER
    9.1) It should be downloaded automatically.
    9.2) Allow to use any car in Derby // by Aaphree

    10) “Block list” // by [VQ]Kibo
    Mark them with a color and ignore voice chat?

    11) Corner Cutting is way too aggressive at times. 
    Having 2 wheels on a curb should not be penalized.

    12) All tracks should be free.
    Why break up already small community?

     == Small things that would be nice to have ==

    1.1) Numeric values for topspeed, acceleration and handling (easier to compare cars).
    1.2) Numeric values for exp.

    2) Option to save replays after each race.
    This will help to fight cheaters (or at least ban them), learn from the best and make great artwork/videos.

    3) I’d love to have spoilers as new cosmetics.

    4) Steering lock in “advanced wheel settings”.

    5.1) Diversity in Global Challenges and more challenges: 
    - tracks AND locations shouldn't repeat until they all have been rotated;
    - there should be circuit/sprint/city variety;
    - tier variety. 
    5.2) Custom or *permanent* global challenges with every track/tier and global stats // by EVGA GTX 770

    6) Show full information (tracks, damage, collisions, etc) when searching for sessions and inside a lobby (including race progress like laps/minutes left) without going anywhere into session settings. 

    7) Let us choose a car after joining a session that is already in progress. 
    Right now it forces last used car.

    8) Let us purchase/change upgrades inside a lobby. 

    9.1) “Spectator mode” that you can enter after joining a session that is already in progress. 
    9.2) Full HUD in a “spectator mode” (or at least a speedometer).

    10) Player ping (session results and lobby).

    11) Free roam mode.

    12) Sell or remove cars.
    12.1) Sort cars in the order of use.
    I'm tired of going 9 cars to the right to select Corvette every time in a playlist.

    13) Permanently show the fastest lap during a race (yours and overall).

    14) When there’s a connectivity problem, game should ask if you want to reconnect to the same session, not just drop you.

    15) Show stats for players that are highlighted in a lobby (as in “view stats”).

    16) Show own upgrades in a car select screen or lobby.

    18) Some menus are not responsive. 
    Example: I can hit “online”, press right, select “global challenge” as fast as I can and still get to “global challenges”. This doesn’t work for all menus (selection is too slow).

    19.1) Host migration for custom events after 2 minutes of host inactivity (I think that's enough for a bathroom break). 
    I'm sure we've all been in a situation when everybody is ready to go, but the host fell asleep.
    19.2) "Next host" feature in "custom game / quick match" for the same reason // bySteMinardon

    20) Let us name&save controller profiles just like liveries. 
    Right now they are reset to default values when switching from one to another.

    21) Leaderboards for every track/car.

    22) An option to disable the echo effect when driving near walls. // by Prophet
    Too often it sounds like an opponent is right behind you.

    23) Customizable HUD - position, colors... // by Zazurca and Prophet
    Right now it’s hard to see on light background.

    24) Advanced wheel settings for unsupported controllers // by Prophet

    25) "Suggested gear" Gran Turismo style // by Prophet

    26.1) Class restriction inside a tier for both single player and multiplayer // byTestTestTest
    26.2) Min level restriction for online custom events.

    27) Ability to name custom events // by Ibot

    29) Numerical tachometer // by Aaphree

    34) Visual damage representation Grid 1 style as a part of the HUD // by Aaphree

    35) More country flags // by Ōkami

    36) Add drafting/slipstreaming // by [VQ]Kibo

    37) Add a horn // by Good Homer

    38) Better scenery camera angles in replays so they don't pan into obstacles or remove them completely // by Redwing

    39) Allow host to set the number of AI cars, rather than it just filling the rest of the field // by ProdigyXP

    40) Add the ability to save your own custom playlists // by ProdigyXP
    Dirt2 did this perfectly, where we could create all of your settings/tracks and name them for easy recall.

    41) Adjustable positioning of HUD elements // by ProdigyXP
    Initial complaint was about the map position.

    42) Custom livery support for Global Challenges so it's easier to tell who's ghost you are chasing // by pmf026