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  1. nicmac303

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    The handbrake does spin the Mini Cooper easily, but only if you're on the accelerator at the same time (and turning the steering wheel, obviously).  Even at low speeds like 20mph going round a hairpin, this works for me.  But if you're not on the gas, nothing happens.
  2. nicmac303

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    I thought that too, try the Custom Event which allows you to drive any car on any track. It's pretty well hidden: on the 1st menu screen, just above Options & Extras.  I'd been playing for almost a week before I found it.
  3. nicmac303

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Using bonnet cam on the Mini Cooper, I don't need to see half of a windscreen wiper moving back & forth.  It's annoying. Thanks.
  4. nicmac303

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    I just crashed out on the last stage of 4.  I went over the edge, terminal damage.  Nevermind, I'll try again. Back on the results screen I hit the A button thinking it'll let me have another attempt, whereas I should've pressed B to restart (xbox 360 controller).  Could you add an extra dialog "Are you sure?" to warn me that I've chosen to skip that stage?  Thanks.