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    DiRT Rally feedback list

    I really like the game so far!  It is an interesting mix between simulation and arcade. :) The only things i would like to see is a better implementation of the "Restart race" during the career. I love the fact that there are no rewind options, making you focusing at max for not losing everything for a mistake, instead of saying "meh, i can rewind". And i also like that you can restart the single race with a small price penalty. BUT! In my opinion, there should be added the option to restart also after a terminal damage. I was doing my first championship, i was third, and i was at the final race of the last rally. Did a couple of restarts so far in the previous races and was fine to me. Then, a couple of corners before the finish i got understeer and the car jumped over the wall to get under the small bridge. Aaaaand terminal damage. Aaaaand no way to restart, since it allows only to press enter, to your unavoidable complete defeat (from third to 8th in the whole championship for a single mistake). I have to say i was a little pissed off. ^^; I can understand that "in real life you do not have second chances", but this is a videogame. People races for fun, not for getting frustrated for stuff like this. So, since you have implemented a limited restart race ability, why not also when it is absolutely necessary? "Who blocks you pressing pause and restarting the race before you fall down?" you might say... Well, how is someone going to notice that you are going into game end by doing that mistake? Do i have to become paranoic and restart the race everytime my car slippers a little more than usual? XD And then, a little thing that i'm missing so much since Colin Mcrae Rally: Rally school! Especially with this physics, it would be nice to teach people that this is not all "Press the throttle, steer randomly, win" ;) Still very satisfacted with this Early Access thought. Keep it up! P.S.: Little bug on Lancia Fulvia HF pedals: Pilot presses the accelerator, but the pedal that moves is the brake, while the throttle passes through the foot instead. ;) Not a huge problem, just a little visual mistake i saw...