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  1. NationwideRacer

    Grid Autosport 2?

    A grid game on next gen would be great but I think codies might be in the same mind as me when it comes to pushing the game too close to full on simulation racers.  I agree pit stops, fuel and full tire wear are the next step but as for the way the cars drive GAS has it's own unique appeal which separates it from most other race games and I would hope codies would be true to this with any future Grid titles. The balance between arcade and sim on grid gives racers who are out to master the game a challenge but also Gives less experienced racers a good pick and play ability and I think if the game was too far to one side either arcade or sim that the game would lose its fun factor which is the key part to any grid game ,  enjoying racing and making friends with a wide range of people while your playing.
  2. NationwideRacer

    RaceNet Challenge - Starting 09/12/14

    Racenet challenges are quite tough this week but it gets made tougher by the idiots on the open wheel challenge going completely off the course at full speed on the first corner then coming back on and gaining nearly half a second I managed to get current record legit but it still ain't fair on all us legit drivers who actually can set record times without having to cheat seriously people that do that should have their times removed from the leaderboard.
  3. NationwideRacer

    GAS Freezing

    No patch is up and seems to work fine no more freezing yaaaaay obviously it's early days but all seems well :smile: 
  4. Hey guys I'm having a really annoying glitch where every time I turn autosport on all my online car tuning options have changed and the majority of them that Ive already bought I have to buy again. I know I'm not the only person this is happening to and it's well annoying that we should have to waste time and cash we've earnt in game doing it all again. Codies please don't let this game go the same way as grid 2 bugs wise cause it's a great game being spoiled by pathetic problems that will eventually make us not wanna play or for that matter purchase any future grid titles.
  5. Yea this would be an awesome thing to happen so many great teams out there but never enough oppurtunity to race each other. Not only will it be a good thing for the teams already established on grid but hopefully would encourage more people to either join teams or create thier own and join in on the adrenaline rush that hardcore Grid fans experience.    #Dragonlord  
  6. NationwideRacer

    Autosport Corner Cutting

    I agree a full on robot judge would be to invasive of the end result of a race and when games are under development things are never going to be perfect for an individual racer. Community feedback is really important though, I'm not suggesting that where issues do occur that they try and get the exact effect racers want, just to make the game easier to live with not just for serious racers but all round addressing the issues that to the gamer seem simple for example. The community are the ones that have to live with the game on a day to day basis and when the game is finished we are the judge of your finished result. Yes some things we ask for are a bit difficult and costly to put in the game but overall a lot of what we ask for has been done in the past and makes a game a lot better experience both as a competitive SIM style and fun arcade style. Stay true to the Grid motto ITS ALL ABOUT THE RACE!!!
  7. NationwideRacer

    Autosport Corner Cutting

    I agree with Andi codies you should take this issue seriously and make sure the system knows the difference between time gain and running wide. Clear example happens to me and a lot of my friends on grid 2 all the time where you kick the tail out a little coming out of a corner but still have 3 wheels on the tarmac but still get cut this is hardly an advantage just driver on the limit and should not get a penalised. As you keep saying autosport is fuelled a lot by the community if this is really the case and then the game still gives the same problems as grid 2 for cuts your gonna have a lot of unhappy customers who may not want to purchase future grid games cause of silly errors that affect gameplay massively.
  8. NationwideRacer

    Grid Autosport

    Looking forward to putting the new game through it's paces when its released looks good already so I'm in high anticipation of the finished result ;)