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    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Hey guys! Didn't read the whole thread so probably some of my feedback will be repetitions, neverthless here it is: Things that absolutely need to be fixed: - FFB - add tire choice before Start and during service - random weather and road conditions with corresponding effects on the driving physics -some of the car physics really need to be revised Things that would make the game a better Simulation: - more and longer Stages (laser scanned real stages would be really cool) - make the roads a little tighter, most of the time they are about a meter wider than in reality - A Recce-Mode would be really cool (to test the track and maybe adjust and personalize the pace notes) - the Repair is quite unrealistic with the adjustment in percentages. Either I put on a new wheel or i leave the damaged wheel on, I can't fix it 2% The same applies for most other repairs. It would be more realistic to select repair-tasks with corresponding times, not percentages.  - The ability to change a flat tire on stage - random appearance of obstacles (deer, photographers, crashed opponents, dust from opponents etc.) - Adding current cars (R1,R2,R3,WRC etc) - less possibilities for "Reset on road" and if one kills a spectator, the Rally is over, 15s for murder is a really light sentence And one more big wish: The Rally-Simulation Community is big and recourceful. In the past years there was no good Rally-Sim, so the community created own cars, own tracks, physics etc. for the old games. And they will want to carry on like this, so please work with them and allow private developers to add their content. An please, for the love of god, please do not make the game any easier or Arcade-like! Rallying is hard, a Rally-Simulation needs to be hard. There are enough Arcade Rally-Games, we want a real Simulation.