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    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Thank you Codemasters for finally releasing a simulation I can get my teeth into. Game is butter smooth and looks beautiful. Dust that hangs in the air is stunning.  FFB: needs a lot of work .. (no countersteering for one) this is very important as it is a substitute for the seat of the pants feeling you get in a real car. Sound: while it is excellent; please listen to real group b cars.. the loudness almost distorts the engine note at high revs.. is it possible to capture it?  Escort BDA engines have a specific whine to them (probably to fussy!!).. Mk1 Escort twin cam would be a nice addition too! Oh and loud fluttering wastgastes/dump valves is a must! Pacenotes/co pilot voice: Volume needs adjustment by up to 50% more. Helmet cam perhaps and Seat adjustment within the cockpit (FOV) i7 2600K @4.5 780Ti 8gb Ram. 2560x1440 T500RS + TH8RS