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  1. *bump* - Gossip can't be this low on the forum

    So I wonder whether we'll hear anything about the Rallycross mode at Lydden Hill? It would have been a perfect time and place to do it in my opinion.

    And Pikes Peak is probably two weeks away - I'm still far away from going far into the career, I keep on restarting too frequently...

    I've got the fox on camera - it's flying across the road in Wales, but it's definitely him, the DiRTyFastFox. I'm going to put in a suggestion for a mode straight from RBR: you can stop your car, get out with a rifle and shoot the fox for extra cash.
    Half of career is just finishing the stages. Then the other half is doing it without crashing or going off. I was so concerned about good times early on, that I would reset any time something bad happened. After I started just finishing stages, the doing them at a medium pace, I became better at donig them quickly.