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  1. Some options you should select: - Day or Night - Dry or Snow For example.
  2. Where's the "DiRT Rally 2.0 - V1.2.1 - found a bug? Post it here!" Thread? I found errors again. Some new bugs, some older one like audio sound issue. Check it out now. Very ANNOYING.
  3. The warning of "Ice patches here" is missing for this stage because the patches can spin your car easily. I think Codemasters forget it as the code of FFB ground effects in this simulator game. Also you can't select time and weather for hotlapping. This DLC is a disappointment.
  4. mesa

    Give us detailed (more) informations

    Yes somehow Dirt Rally 2.0 is a step backward. Or may be just too much tings are missing yet
  5. mesa

    MOD friendly policy as in Dirt 4

    Great News! Codies did it well That's Right! 🙂 Here's a howTo http://mesasartworks.hu/downloads/dirt-rally2/262-dr20-custom-liveries New Suggestion! Please Codemasters, ADD MORE SLOTS to the game.- At least 5 slots for each car would be great and enough We don't need specialliveries, just simpple color for dummy cars (slots)... Easy job for You. ;) You should use number plates with your supporters logos (EGO, Racebet etc.) here is a sample 5 slots (irrelevant demo colours) 😄
  6. mesa

    Option to disable co-driver comments...

    Great idea! Also Get off Phil and bring back Paul's voice from DR 1
  7. To read Telemetry data you needs hard coded ground effects of the surfaces (grounds) but (if) they are missing (now) in this game, that means Accuforce can't read anything from telemetry (which is not exist yet) so they can't help to calculate ground effects. Case closed.
  8. mesa

    R5 Cars Sound need fix + c3 R5 model problem

    Should link to this Thread
  9. mesa

    What's Wrong With DR 2.0? - CARS

    Here's some research about R5 class wheel tracks: First of all FIA regulations is maximized the wheel track of each class. R5 wheel track is set to 1618 mm (both at front and rear axle) data at citroenracing.com: How does the model look (it is important, because no visual correction (offset) has been made, like for example in case of Assetto Corsa), so what 3D model settings has got, exactly what you can see on your screen during gameplay) : You can see how much narrower is the wheel track in DR 2.0 ... Let's calculate the difference! I put a box tho the outer sides of the tyres to check dimensions. R5 cars uses ~200 mm tyres on their wheels, that means you have to calculate minus 10 cms on each side to get the middle position of the wheels - which used for wheel track As you can see, the 174 cm between of the outer sides, so we have to calculate 174 - 2x10 = 1540 mm 1618 - 1540 = 78 mm - 7,8 cm is the difference That means almost minus 4 centimeters offset on each side. The R5 cars runs on almost 8 cm less wide wheel tracks! That's a huge difference! That is the answer why all the cars looks so weird in class R5 (and many others, like the Stratos) ...
  10. mesa

    Ghost of friends car in rally

    It is already available, but for an unknown reason just only in time attack mode...
  11. mesa

    Bring back benchmark mode from DR1

    Would be another great feature to save graphical setztings. Then we should try several settingsa and roll back to our preferences if those settings won't help
  12. mesa

    Where are the Splashes & Audio

    after jump there's no sound too. no suspension, no body ,silent AF Also brake lights (on top and on bottom) is far from real Nice try CM, but this is Dirt 4.5
  13. Why my post has been disappeared? 😮