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  1. mesa

    Wales Rally: Available Now

    Wet Wales is very slippery at last 🙂
  2. mesa

    About Dirt Rally 2.0 liveries

    Agree. Especially those few which comes with the game...
  3. mesa

    Grp. (RWD) Skoda 130LR

  4. No moddable DLC cars, No Buy.
  5. Download link https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/dirt-rally-2-0-dashboard-telemetry-tool.26703/
  6. mesa

    Please Unlock DLC cars for modding

    Thanks for your answer @PJTierney ! This is a really bad news 😢 - You should protect by another way to not let people use DLC cars who not paid for them - At least use the same methode to let use custom liveries from sub-folders as you did the same for all other car - we don't need to unencrypted .NEFS files...
  7. I'll give it up... This game is getting worse and worse FPS drops from 79 to 19 at certain points of the track !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Daily Ch Spain H2) Same FPS drops for All track presented Only Since 1.5! Before this update Time Attack mode was only ****, now already the whole game
  8. i did not say the opposite. Let's focus on Bugs...
  9. I can see NO Latvia however i found ANOTHER BUG... If you set up your cars, sound of the crew, mechanics, reporters, supporters etc. disappears. When you leave set up menu, all sound / noise goes back. Funny bug
  10. Frame Time what is important not the Avg Frame Rate IMO.
  11. BMW M3 MAXIMUM ENEGY livery has been released. - Features BF Goodrich tarmac tyre, white rims, factory masked, yellow tinted headlights, thinner kidney with chrome effects [ Download link ]
  12. Another reason why people feels Dirt Rally 2.0 is another unfinished game of Codemasters ... Also Every DLC (Monte, Swedem, Germany) has got less time / weather option
  13. mesa

    Season 1 Germany

    Here's another comparison screenshots - rainy weather by now. You can see clear that you can't see anything in DR 2.0. Also you can see how interior 3D model and textures improved as well Dirt Rally Dirt Rally 2.0 Dirt Rally Dirt Rally 2.0