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  1. mesa

    Free Camera XML and the LIVERIES

    There are already 120 liveries and 1 camera mod for all official car out there ... Only DLC car files has been encrypted
  2. mesa

    DLC Car Proposal

    Abarth 124 Spider Rally missing from Dirt Rally 2.0 a lot.
  3. mesa

    Lights Control

    Absolute. I want to do it myself to put in 1st gear and hold the handbrake. I don't like automatism.
  4. What a shame ... all B&W liveries are useless. I think they can't imagine why we needs more slots / liveries for placeholders ... Someone should tell the developers, that we need more livery_XY instead of livery_user because sub-folder custom livery method doesn't work in case of livery_user, also we can't swap tyre textures for them etc.
  5. mesa

    Lights Control

    Agree, also cool down section too. And cars should stay in Neutral before start the stage instead of 1
  6. mesa

    What's Wrong With DR 2.0? - CARS

    Confirmed. C3 R5 wheel track seems already OK now 🙏
  7. mesa

    Please Unlock DLC cars for modding

    All DLC cars still encrypted...
  8. Another bug Co driver repeats "to stop. Well done." for unlimitted times ... nothing else
  9. mesa

    What's Wrong With DR 2.0? - CARS

    PetSild found a bug. Thanks!
  10. mesa

    leaderboards country filter

    It should call to nationality filter instead.
  11. Joao Barros Fibromade Fiesta R5 has been released Featuring (fake) glowing exhaust cat: and Pirelli tyres (tarmac only)