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  1. I wanna see that corrected Escort Cosworth body what is now part of Dirt 5 instead of incorrect widebody-kit one which featured in Dirt, Dirt 2, Dirt 3, Dirt Rally, Dirt 4 and Dirt Rally 2.0 before.
  2. The problem is not with the voice of Phil but the system in general... DR has better pacenote system. That's the reason i mentioned Paul's voice (with the more detailed pacenote files).
  3. It is possible but for an unkown reason i never found shared custom pacenotes... idk why people not interested to use them I should make custom pacenotes but i failed for the first time and i gave it up
  4. I did try Dirt 5 for the week end and i can confirm that is a good kind of racing game! I found some interesting cars like Clio Williams and Abarth 124. I hope Codemasters will make them available as DLC cars for Dirt Rally 2.0! I should pay for all of them, because i love them both and both are missing from Dirt Rally 2.0 a lot.
  5. Richard Burns - Robert Reid Peugeot 206 WRC (2003) [ DOWNLOAD ]
  6. Use the standard fluorescent Marlboro orange-red in main_d and green-brown for it in main_s
  7. Andreas Mikkelsen Rally Hungary 2020 livery [ Download ]
  8. Fiesta R5 MK II inspired by FORD 2002 non-Martini livery #5 McRae / #6 Sainz [ Download ]
  9. Interactions at service parks: open/close any door switch on/off lights start/stop the engine walk around the car Users should decide before the next SP (racing ...): with or without lightbars with or without mudflaps
  10. Marquito Bulacia TRT Citroen C3 R5 [ Download ] @HoksuHoo , @Keko55 Thank You very much, my friends! 🙋‍♂️
  11. Hadik - Kertész FORD Fiesta R5 MKII 2020 [ Download ]
  12. The waiting is over. Here's the first custom livery of FIESTA R5 MK II of Adrien Fourmaux! [ Download link ]
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