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  1. Here's my version of Lancia Stratos "Aseptogyl"
  2. mesa

    Please Unlock DLC cars for modding

    Sorry @PJTierney But that's not true. Let's take a look at Focus 2001. The car was part of previous Dirt games and people already made some really nice liveries for that car... For example here's mine: We don't need to decrypt Dirt Rally 2.0 .NEFS file, cause We can make our .DDS graphics files and load them into a compressed .PSSG file as we used to ... So you don't need to change anything, just let the game pick up our previously made .PSSG files from "fow" folder. Same for the C4, Manta etc. Please!
  3. Based on Rothmans Motul E30 M3 livery. Added a similar door sliding window frame too (IDK how you call it)
  4. Please Codemasters get a licence, and add Alpine A110 Rally to your R-GT class More Details: https://www.roadandtrack.com/motorsports/a28926619/alpine-a110-factory-rally-car-r-gt-pictures-specs-info
  5. I'm a dummy. I was trying to figure out how to get to the button line in the "Advanced Settings" and didn't realize you just went to the function in the controller options menu, press "x" and then depress whatever button you want to assign. And yes, 4th gear is perfect. For your back pocket, a couple of thick elastics wrapped around the base makes it so all you need do is let the shifter go and it dis-engages. Thanks again for responding. I truly do appreciate it. Happy Rallying!!! Here's an easy and cheap solution. You need only a 44 mm rubber O-ring and two longer bolts then you can use your shifter as sequential - like in case most of rally cars, even 4th (Down) for handbrake.
  6. Thanks for your kind words, @SRD_SimVansevenant ! ☺️ As you said i'm an accurate man so i can spend a lot of time on research, but i hope the results can satisfy for the longer waiting time 😄 @chukonu I don't like the way how Racedepartment works and their current policy so i decided to never release anything at least for a while. But you should follow me on FB to be always updated https://www.facebook.com/MesasArtworks/ Thanks for your interest guys! I also love all your creations too! Even i have no time on response all, but follows all your jobs. keep up the good works, modder-friends! 🤴
  7. Who don't like Rothmans, here's a Marlboro one 😄 - driven by Alain Prost multiple times F1 World Champion at Rally du Var (1982)
  8. mesa

    DiRTy Gossip about WRC8

    Car 3D modelsare the same low-poly models as a mobile game has at the 2010s. There's no casted SHADOW in wheel arch, there's no shadow in the interior, and look at those fireproof face masks in a Polo R5... LOL
  9. A forgot to share my last two liveries... they are here:
  10. mesa

    What's Wrong With DR 2.0? - CARS

    Because of CM read these constructive criticism, the next package is here 🙂 Impreza 2001 dashboard's gauge - need to change specular map for the inner part of the info center... you ca nsee that any direction of light source the inner part is shining like an emitting light source which is annoying Just make that part non reflective - just need to touch specular map only of the interior of the impreza 2001 car Please Codemasters, fix it! I could do that if DLC cars should use the same pssg sub-folder method as the other cars ...
  11. mesa

    2001 Focus and Subaru

    Yeah, i'm an old-fashioned guy ... Impreza 2001, Integrale 16v '90, Escort CW, Evo6
  12. mesa

    2001 Focus and Subaru

    Then you don't know what is catalytic converter Catalytic converters always presents and glows all the times, don't think that's the same which visual flame effects you can see in any Dirt games 🙂 here you can check at night with different WR cars
  13. I don't care about Season 4 (RX contents) so i willdefinietly not buy season 3-4 Just pick up some more rally cars and rally tracks which i wish instead of pay for sg "unwanted"