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  1. 1) Yes, you can set up races exactly how you want, even lock in difficulty options or views etc 2) Yes, but you can restrict tuning and upgrades in the lobby should you wish. Options there for both camps :) Excellent, thanks for answering that. This is sounding very good, especially if the handling is more like Grid 1 as suggested in the blog post. I'll be pre-ordering when it's available on Steam.
  2. This is sounding a lot better than Grid 2 with the changes that have been mentioned so far. A couple of quick questions for @Loore : 1. Will we be able to do Touring Car only races online the same way we could in Grid 1? This is all that I and many other people played. 2. Will the cars have upgrades/tuning online? It would be much better in my opinion if cars are always exactly the same online (like Grid 1 after the ebay cars patch on PC) so there is close racing and no one has an unfair advantage. 
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