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  1. AT4047

    DiRTy Gossip

    yeah of course, I have nothing against using the same stages as they are there and they are IRL stages, and in fairness one monte stage is fairly similar to another in terms of road width and general terrain, but Germany is almost two events in one IMO. in the future I certainly hope that Codies could look at supporting this title for the next 5/10 years with new reasonably priced DLC/content rather than bringing out another new title with all the same cars again.
  2. AT4047

    Rally Monte Carlo general feelings..

    yes, thay will either call them up on the phone or try and meet them on the road section somewhere
  3. AT4047

    DiRTy Gossip

    actually the stages on the Baumholder stages stay fairly clean! i do hope that they inculde a bonus stage for the Germany DLC though we need to race round the vineyards!
  4. AT4047

    Rally Monte Carlo general feelings..

    the Gravel crew will go though and note anything that isnt on the competitors own pace notes (ice patches, dirt, snow etc etc) and from that it will help the competitor in choosing a tyre yes.
  5. AT4047

    Rally Monte Carlo general feelings..

    they are, but they are exactly what is done IRL, the gravel crew will go through stages and they will note patches of Ice and help the decision on what tyres to take
  6. AT4047

    Rally Monte Carlo general feelings..

    yeah there are two types of winter tyre for the Monte, there is the winter tyre and the winter tyre with studs, there is no great length to the studs used for the Monte, and thats because there isnt a great depth of Ice to dig through and as you mention studs on Tar isnt great. I would hope that the tyres in DR2.0 are the winter tyres without studs, as there really isnt the grip that should be possible if studs were in the tyre. they use exactly these tyres on the Monte, having the studs on the outside thirds of the tyres helps when there is Ice but is not too detrimental on the Tar
  7. AT4047

    Option to disable co-driver comments...

    listen to his calls in onboards, its like the criticisms of Nicky on D4 world class codrivers are always cool calm and relaxed.. in terms of the pacenotes most of the pacenotes are 'ok' but he will only say what Codies ask him to say i guess
  8. I live in Wales we dont have dust.. 😛
  9. AT4047

    Rally Monte Carlo general feelings..

    you do obviously know that the Monte event does run a studded tyre right? and yes they do run with them on the tarmac, not because of grip on the tarmac obviously but if you have a stage that is 40% Snow/ice 20% ice and 40% Tarmac they would look at taking the studded winter tyre...
  10. AT4047

    Rally Monte Carlo general feelings..

    I disagree, in terms of the WRC crews at least they have Ice Note Crews that do the stages a couple of hours before the cars (as they do on all tarmac rallies but no longer on gravel rallies.) in terms of everyone else they will go over the stages a few days before the rally to make their notes (as do the WRC guys) so drivers can get a feeling for what the conditions maybe on the day. dunno, it just seems to be really lacking any real information where as the rest of the events have lengths of corners and if it may be slippy or not (if that makes sense) it would of been better if Codies had of explained this though if your theory is correct
  11. this could be better titled as; Driving with controller is so frustrating because... and the comment should be; I am trying to play a Driving sim game with a controller and not a wheel..
  12. why? this doesnt happen IRL, the only time you would get the screen dirty IRL is by going through a puddle with the front wheels and some thrown up onto the windscreen what i would like is the ability to use the windscreen wipers by myself not the random screen wipe.. also the ability to wash the screen would be ace! when it is muddy/dirty
  13. AT4047

    Rally Monte Carlo general feelings..

    also surprised there is no studded tyre, it will be interesting to see if Sweden has more grip this time round. its a shame. Yes the patches of Ice do make it more real but they are in daft place IMO as IRL they would be in areas in shadow from rock faces etc areas that dont really see the sun.. they wont be under trees, on random sections of the road in my experience.
  14. AT4047

    Rally Monte Carlo general feelings..

    Im not saying it doesnt feel better it does! and i agree! BUT the codriver should have 'Ice', 'slippy', 'care', 'Caution' in the notes, but there is no mention of the huge patch of ice that is miraculously just before that sharp/hidden bend. maybe i am the only one who listens to the codriver then? 😛
  15. Now, i am fairly sure this is not going to get a wide support (maybe it is) but I have just done two of the long Monte Stages now the rally has released and I can say there is still work to do on them! how can you have the Codriver mention only when you come onto the main stretch of snow? and then think of not mentioning that patch of ice just over the crest before a hairpin turn?... The notes that are currently on the two monte stages i have tried seem very arcade like as if they are there to catch the player out.. this never happens IRL and nearly all patches of Ice are included in the notes why is this not so? also its a bit of a shame personally that this is just a copy paste from DR and being resold as I was hoping that you may of found it possible to include at least another short stage in there.. I hope this can be thought about for Germany, as that rally is much more than just the Baumholder Military range.. in fact the narrow stages with sharp bends in the Vineyards are much more exciting than the open wide Baumholder stages IMO. its a shame that the DLC seems to be a money grab for old content..