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    Can FPS performance be tweaked in rainy conditions?

    Scaling for conditions sounds like a good idea but on my PC I have no issues on ultra with rainy conditions, so turning the auto-scaling off should be an option too.
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    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Hey, just bought the game on Friday and played all weekend and I loved it! Very challenging and the career is good so far but the variety of tracks is holding it back, of course as this is early access this is expected. I've noticed 2 things that could be improved, the first one is mounds and surfaces that look like soft dirt piles behave like hard road, causing more flips and punishment than is perhaps realistic. A soft surface would be great where they slow you down and take some of the hit off the suspension. The other thing is some of the calls aren't timed great. I'll get halfway through a 5 corner and get told it's tightening to 2 or 3 when I'm already in it! This causes crashes if you haven't done the course before and are expecting the late call. I know you can change the settings of how early the call comes but I mostly like the default with a few exceptions. Great work so far. Looking forward to updates!