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  1. I don't see the harm in widening the range of difficulty. The people who find it easy will clearly play no matter what because you can still compete with people online. The people who find it too hard should be catered to as they will leave the game if they are struggling on the lower difficulties. People need to feel like they are improving, so it is important to have a career that highlights when players are getting better.

    That being said I feel the difficulty was fine for me, but I wouldn't have been upset if the first two difficulties were easier.

  2. There are numerous things that contribute to the feeling of weight in a car, the suspension being probably the most important. Before v2 handling the suspension was always compressed due to increased aero downforce, and after this was reversed, so weight transfers are slower and more obvious, making it feel a bit like the car is floating.

    There are many other possible contributors, such as centre of gravity, as top heavy cars will transfer weight faster and in a more exaggerated way. I personally much prefer the feeling of the V2 cars and believe it is more realistic, as rally cars are made to take bumps and have forgiving suspension which means long weight transfers and suspension compression distances compared to tarmac racing cars.

    Putting the problem down to weight is an oversimplification and in my opinion not what is causing the light feeling you have a problem with.

    Also the phrasing of your vote options is childish, did you think ppl would vote for your opinion because they can't just say no and have to agree to part of your opinion in order to disagree? I don't like to be light and float around, I don't think that is what is happening.

  3. Alwert said:

    ASSETTO CORSA- Rally Mod

    As opposed to the fake simulator that dirt rally is I assume? Would you like some food troll? I can't find another explanation for this pointless description of an otherwise interesting video.
    I keep wondering why people get offended so easily when the criticism isn't written with flowers and rainbows... Alwert didn't say DiRT Rally was a fake simulator, but anyways...

    That was implied when he pointed out that "This is a real simulator". I have no problem with criticisms or your comments, I'm just not sure how insinuating Dirt Rally is not a simulator and simply stating "should improve so much" is helpful to anyone. I'm aware there are improvements that could be made and that the simulation has flaws.

    Imagine if I was reviewing a movie and said, "you couldn't even call this a film, it should improve in every way!". That is a boring conversation and pointless. Generic "this sucks" comments are a waste of  time for whoever is reading them and the time of the writer themselves.

    So I wasn't offended, I don't really care if ppl don't like the game as it doesn't affect how much I like it, but I do wonder what some ppl get out of crapping on things with no intention of actually improving them.

  4. All the licences would be nice, but Codemasters have some tough decision to make as to how to get the money to fund the sort of rally game that has all the licenses and is the standard in racing. Paying once for a whole game is a poor model because, it makes it unfeasible to improve the game without additional funding, DLC isn't a great option because it makes the buy in for new players unattractive and shrinks the new sales as more DLC comes out, and a continual subscription is similarly too big a commitment for new people to get involved.

    They need to figure out a way for the committed people who use Dirt Rally as a hobby and want to pay more to be able to contribute AND get something in return other than the basic improvements that the base player base should be entitled to. A small buy in with trivial stuff to pay for that the committed people will buy seems a popular model at the moment, but it would not be as easy to apply to this game.

  5. What's the point of early access if you can't make suggestions? These suggestions are supposed to help the devs consider options they otherwise mightn't have or to highlight the weaknesses of the game. They aren't going to do things like make cars explode if it isn't their idea of the game's direction, so stop worrying about ppl making suggestions you don't like.

    The devs are making the game, not the people with suggestions you don't like.

  6. I don't feel the restart bonus is anything more than hurt to your pride when you lose it. If you're constantly restarting you're not earning money very fast anyway (obviously doing a stage once is much faster), so it penalizes you no matter which way you restart really.

  7. teknoid85 said:
    in hairpins it is mostly necessary to use the clutch. In doing so your motor won't die.
    driving force gt doesn't have a clutch
    You can assign a button to the clutch, so you can get the revs up then drop the clutch. It's not really necessary if you use the handbrake right but can be better in certain situations.

  8. WasabiWei said:

    One thing I would add is that something seems off about flight characteristics. In V2 Finland has an unrealistic amount of hang time as well as too much loft off of rises and we get some pretty bizarre crash behavior like this: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=530286756 . Something is awry, but I can't pin-point what it is. It feels like some value was fudged to compensate for the exaggerated downforce in V1 and it was not changed back after the downforce was reduced for V2. I am not familiar enough with game engine parameters to make a decent guess. That is total spit-balling out of nowhere, just an impression I get. Maybe the air density is set to 'thick as syrup'? :persevere: 

    I like that example, but I don't think it's evidence of flight issues as much as it is highlighting that cars in the game "bounce" off objects more because they don't absorb the energy through deformation. In real life you would bend tear and snap all the metal and the front and underneath of the car when you hit the rock like that, which would send the car on a completely different trajectory.

    I do wonder how they model aeroforce though, is it just relative to speed or is orientation a factor like it would be in real life? Do you get more lift when you are accelerating?

  9. WasabiWei said:
    I have another video clip that demonstrates bad flight characteristics after a collision event. This one is with a track marking flag, which leads me to suspect collision forces more than plain old gravity. After the collision the flag seems to have less than zero mass, like there is a negative multiplier applied to weight when a collision is computed, or something, I dunno. Instead of going forward and down it goes up and back. I have seen other strange flag behavior, but it is hard to judge whether it is always opposite of normal physics or not, usually it just looks like a weird flag-ricochet flying into space after a hit, sometimes forward, but always spinning upright and flying off in some direction really fast.
    I don't think the flying flag is evidence of anything other than crappy flag physics. Why should they bother modelling flags well and why does what flags are doing somehow relate to the car physics?

    You're reading way too much into hitting flags, although I acknowledge hitting flags can be unrealistic and annoying, it's just got nothing to do with car collisions and handling.

  10. Your poll is rubbish when the option you disagree with is rigged to discount that opinion. Don't really care about the greyness as it adds to the vibe of the track and sets it apart, but mostly voted against you cos your poll is stupid.

    It's a game and is therefore art, should we also complain when the lighting is rigged to make it easy to see in movies or when they deliberately make someone look shady by lighting half their face? It's an effect, it's not meant to be photo-realistic.

  11. Work on the crowd would be a big resource drain for codemasters when there would be much more return for effort to focus on tracks, handling and cars. They really don't need to be that good when you are flying past them at +100kmph. Obviously crashing near them looks ruddy but that would require SO much work to fix.

  12. Imjoemang said:
    OzoreXS said:
    Imjoemang said:
    So we all know there's plenty of problems with the physics but here's another I was noticing while driving the Grp. A subaru in GB Rain - It seriously feels like you're driving in a foot or more of soft  mud.  The car slows dramatically when you're not on the gas and when you get a little sideways at all you slow to a stop like you're wheels are just stuck in the mud.

    I think I read somewhere that the devs added an effect of dirt/mud accumulating outside the tires  when sliding.  If thats the case it feels like its exaggerated by 1000%

    thats another story my friend:

    But that is referring to engine braking, no?  Im talking about just coasting with no gears engaged at all.  In RBR I used to use the technique of pressing the clutch to dis-engage the power while sliding in a sharp turn while keeping the revs up to power out.  But on the tracks when rain is on, its not really possible because you slow down too fast.
    Cars do slow down pretty fast in that situation as the lateral forces are doing as much as any braking would be. On tarmac it's obviously a completely different story though but on dirt if you're not powering through a corner you lose a lot of speed. If RBR lets you keep speed by holding in the clutch while sliding I would say it is the more unrealistic version.

    Just take any crappy car on dirt and do a couple slides and see how quickly you can go from 60kmph to nearly completely stopped. Only takes a few seconds really.

  13. I've played for a couple hours now and I think the new physics is a fair improvement. There is room for improvement though I think, but it's a step in the right direction. I don't think I could add much to the discussion as far as how to make it better though, it's so fun already.

    Yeah it's easier but that doesn't necessarily mean it's more arcade, clearly the old physics had way too much downforce and by changing it other less prevalent issues become apparent. So it hasn't turned 'arcade', relative to the vast majority of racing games out there it is definitely one of the most simulator-like games there is. 'Simulator' is the key word here, it's not 'is exactly the same as real life' as that is impossible.

  14. Man you guys must really love summer! I get that it's "authentic" but I don't think authenticity is too important when it comes to seasons if the tracks and handling are the same. I also don't think the argument of "why don't they just make monte carlo summer then" holds because that would clearly completely change how to drive the course.

    I think I prefer the different feel of Finland from the other locations (created by making brown trees), and I don't think it's fair to call Codemasters lazy for reusing trees and such when they pump out a major update every month WITH significant changes to handling.

    Maybe Autumn doesn't bring the same dread to me as I'm from Australia, but taking some artistic license with which season to use is defs fine by me.