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  1. Chicane486

    Halo HUD

    I agree it looks nice and initially I thought: great idea to have it on the hud, since you don't have to look so far to the side of the screen for the rev lights when playing in Tcam. However you can adjust your tcam position/angle/fov making the hud no longer exactly match the halo. And I'm also guessing that the halo isn't exactly at the same spot on every different car with default tcam settings either. So all in all, it's quite a complicated feature request to let the hud match the car.
  2. I think the option of having the race line assist one colour (so no change of colour when entering a braking zone) would be a nice bridge for people who are trying to move from raceline assist to no raceline assist. In addition to that: in multiplayer a host could allow the monocolour-raceline 2D assist but ban the changing colour raceline (2D or 3D). That way it's equally difficult for all players if brake boards are missing during the race or when changing weather conditions kick in. What monocolour it should be? That could be chosen by player too.
  3. If you were not part of the previous beta, you don't know what has been reported and fixed due to the reports those people have done. Also note new bugs can creep in after beta phase. And there's simply not unlimited time and employees to fix everything. Of course you can have your personal opinion but it's risky to form an opinion if you can't know the facts.
  4. Chicane486

    Nelly Furtado requests more random online failures

    As an option in unranked lobbies, it's fine by me. Unfortunately the game has its flaws every now and then in online mode (desync!) , but I'm still coming back.
  5. Chicane486

    Nelly Furtado requests more random online failures

    Dunno how to say it right but I feel powerless if I get random DRS failure already in my league race. Especially during quali, I explode and think: just do it.