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  1. Chicane486

    MFD shortcut Delay F1 2018 & F1 2019

    Yes, I've reported it in beta phase as well. In F1 2018 already. For some unknown reason they just don't fix this. Another workaround is pressing the ERS hotkey once, and then smash the higher/lower buttons (instead of ERS hotkey like 5 times). Then no input gets ignored. But it's really complicated. I ended up binding the 4 buttons on my right thumb for MFD control.
  2. Chicane486

    F1 2019 - Microtransactions...

    It's been years ago since I had to go through financial company stuff for study, but I think 1:4 ratio assets/liabilities is still considered healthy. In addition this news: 01 apr 2019 Source: https://www.proactiveinvestors.co.uk/companies/news/217619/codemasters-surges-as-it-levels-up-full-year-earnings-217619.html
  3. Chicane486

    F1 2019 - Microtransactions...

    Didn't study on their financial position but 'some debts' isn't necessarily a bad thing. More extreme and simplified example: Pay back 3 million debt or don't but use it to make 0.5 million extra profit every year.
  4. Chicane486

    F1 2019 - Microtransactions...

    I'm ok with with microtransactions for skins only. You don't have to do microtransactions to enjoy the basic racing. By earning extra money with it, Codies may hire extra programmers to further improve upcoming F1 titles. I don't think I'll go for those paid skins but still I benefit from it. So a few guys may really stick to not buying the game because of skin microtransactions but that tiny loss will be compensated big time by microtransactions. Codies would be silly not to make this move.
  5. Either I missed it or it's overlooked in the ingame tutorials: the handbrake/e-brake.You may wanna do a tutorial about why, how and when to apply the handbrake. Don't think I need it myself, but someone else probably does.
  6. Chicane486

    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    Minor things: Since KERS is gone, I'd like to see the return of the pitlimiter. However I expect codies to replace it with boost button. (remember Hamilton got told over board radio to use the boost when exiting corners). No more fireworks at Singapore during the race, and none in Bahrain either during the race (in case they thought of it). Online practice sessions, (even joinable when in progress) Slightly bigger things: Custom grid setup by host, instead of random or quali result. PC thingy: Of course biggest wish is dedicated servers, but I expect codies not to be ready for that, so I ask them to make online play work better with Steam. Basically a short disconnect from the steamcommunity servers should not mean a disconnect from the current race. In other games it doesn't happen like that either. Furthermore I'd like to be able to teach the engineer what kinds of stuff he tells me during the race. Simply via a menu. Categories like 'weather', 'gaps' 'fuel' 'tyres' 'car issues' 'fastest laps' 'cars pitting'. Personally I'd probably just leave the weather category enabled. I've scripted my way around it, but I can imagine that players like a more concise quick menu to select bias, fuel or tyres. 2 presses should be enough instead of 3. The weather was pretty much ok, however tyres were probably a bit too good, compared to how difficult it is to drive in the rain in reallife, but I suspect it's the balance between playability and fun. But for the sakes of a gamble, we should always be able to select intermediates or wets after qualifying in my opinion, even when in top 10. Oh, and while you're at it (really minor thing), please make the DRS disabled independent of tyres, but that it is disabled or enabled for everyone at the same time. In game logic maybe if 2 cars or X % of cars have full wet weather tyres, DRS usage is probably not safe. Furthermore a lot of good luck with implementing all the reallife changes. I hope that ingame onboard the engine sound is not ruined by whistles and wind noises. Ps I wouldn't miss classic content if it ain't in it this year.