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    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Screenshots!

    Hi, In honor of Colin Mcrae, Mud and this week's Wales WRC round, here are my screenshots ! Plateform : STEAM Pseudo : MiKA012 Hope you enjoy
  2. Mika012

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Screenshots!

    Hy, i'm on PC / Steam and i took it while running the daily challenge at Wales :)
  3. Mika012

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Hy, I was thinking to TIres in career or in custom event, before start the race when you set up your car, I think it can be great to set different tires like the old Colin Mcrae's game, the 2005 edition if my memory is good because you have in the track's description the differente track surfaces. Second point, always at the setting point before start the race, I was thinking to add a setting: the height of the car. I played only 1h but I was thinking to those features to add in the game so I share it with you. What do you think about it ? (Sorry for my english, i'm french ^^ )
  4. Mika012

    DiRT Rally Championship Round 2 - Safari Rally

    Why am i not in the final result board? :(( Did i miss something ? EDIT: My bad i tought the limit date was 16th =))
  5. Mika012

    DiRT Rally Championship Round 2 - Safari Rally

    Hi guys, Name: Mika012Team: DRC STAGE 1 TIME: 2:35.968 STAGE 2 TIME: 2:16.536 STAGE 3 TIME: 3:00.061 IMG: STAGE 1: http://imgur.com/yvvFx1c STAGE2: http://imgur.com/4wvUSWX STAGE3: http://imgur.com/eewIfK1
  6. Mika012

    DiRT Rally Championship

    To train I vote for Mountain Drive in Michigan... What do you think ?
  7. Mika012

    DiRT Rally Championship

    Hello, Our team name : DRC///Members: Mika012 and Never83Format : PC & Xbox360 for Mika012For the Stream why notLogo: