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  1. Thanx for this update, especially the in-game statistics and accolades section is great news for me, i like that
  2. Daily , weekly, monthly challenges for the, in my case, PS4, just like the old Grids and like the Dirt series
  3. i totally agree with youre post on every point, on the PS4 we have with people from the community allot of people racing against each other trying to beat each others times on different tracks, but the search everytime to the times on the leaderboards is annoying this way, and maybe the option of GHOSTS bring back to the game
  4. How do you post pics/movies from the PS4 Grid to the forum, i only have Twitter, which i dont have, community PS4 and 2 other only to the PS4 related options
  5. i wish that the weekly challengers coming back and it would be awesome the leaderboards are crossed with all platforms but thats a bonus request, weekly challengers first
  6.    Bye Loore, thnx for the great game  GAS :)
  7. lol, yeah sometimes i think i cancel the selling but then i never can focus myself good on a game and have alot half played games and i already have time to short to play XD. But if ur in a situation u can afford and handle both, i would say JUST DO IT, u wont regret it XD
  8. Its already 2015 so a good and healhty year to every 1
  9. I own both and have Forza 5 and ForzaHorizon but since Driveclub is working right i didnt touch the Forzas anymore. Beautifull game and somehow the handling is perfect for a raceGAME, Forza may be sim, but totally different as for example Assetto Corsa , and Driveclub may be arcade but totally different as for example NFS. The Crew i played beta, personally i didnt like it, but its not realy a racing game. Destiny great SF shooter but somehow i lost intrest, oh wait i know why iam playing alot GTA5 online if i dont race XD Waiting for The Division and The Witcher3 and maybe Uncharted4. Atm F
  10. People on Assie`s forum , who are in PCars from start i believe (and good racer`s), said that it looked that the game was going backwards, and that it was alot better few months ago. And the prob with console (race) games, is in my eyes the Always fanboys war`s between the xbox and ps people (not to mention the master race pc people who to come in lol), its so hard to find a honest and good revieuw, that sometimes the only solution is to buy all 3 and see/test it for urself.(all the race games in this case) Promo movies or youtube movies dont say a thing to me, thats the same of some beau
  11. Iam in the situation that i have for example on the pc, GAS and Assetto, on the PS4 Driveclub and on the xbox1 Forza Horizon2,  and guess what.... i like them all in there own ways. Now i must say in honestley that iam more an offline player, especially in GAS and Assetto, not bcz it dont work well but more the people who play online have many bugs and issues. With friends? no problem and it works well, with random people? well 7 out of ten sessions have *lag* and other problems etc bcz of the people in it. Driveclub is an online game but.....online doesnt work yet lol, Forza do
  12. And the patch for the pc, so that the upgrades gonna work decent?
  13.   I only watched the video  before i read the topic and thought it was going about the car who sprint away from start using a kind of speedhack. Sorry, next time i will read first B)
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