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    Project cars 3.

    PS4 i switch from PC to PS4 when the PS4 came out, for me it looks like the PS4 base version which i have cant handle the game The game looks to heavy for it, replays look blurry, or when you are in a pack of cars on some circuits it stutters. Grid 2019 looks allot better then PC CArs 3 on the base PS4, that says enough
  2. 053

    Project cars 3.

    I am such a dumb fool, i ll be honest i bought impulsief the luxe version of Project cars 3 for 99,99 euro, because i had Project CARS 1 and that looked good only iam not such a sim fan so i passed Project Cars 2 but i have friends who like sim and they told me all the positive stuff about Project Cars 2, but long story short that and the news that PROJECT CARS 3 would become more arcade made the impulsive buy action but omg what are the graphics bad for example Brand Hatch verry weird kinda light stripes on the road and cars, then suddenly it becomes real realy dark. buildings. grass . bushes popps up when you drive along. it loks just soooooooo bad, on the other things i havent much to say as an arcade boy, but pfff what a waste of money. i did it AGAIN bah
  3. 053

    Ranking problem

    Excactly, the last one is Gold, so Gold 1 to Gold 99 then you get the GRID sign and some rewards
  4. Thanx for this update, especially the in-game statistics and accolades section is great news for me, i like that
  5. 053

    GRID 2019 And How To Fix It.

    U like to see the Greece track from Dirt with the Hypercars 😜
  6. 053

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Daily , weekly, monthly challenges for the, in my case, PS4, just like the old Grids and like the Dirt series
  7. 053

    PS4 Grid crashes

    - Where in the game you're erandomlyxperiencing the crash, Random but more often in between the time before the races begin - If the issue consistently occurs at the same point in the game , nope as i said, random - If you're using any wheels/pedals/peripherals, iam only using the PS4 controller so far, didnt even use headset if that mathers I would not say it happens alot , but before the update i had in totall 1 crash and after the update it happens at least in every 2-3 houres play time, like 3 / 4 times to me. Greetz
  8. Hi, after the update Grid crashes alot more randomly on my PS4/ Ultimate edition
  9. 053

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    i totally agree with youre post on every point, on the PS4 we have with people from the community allot of people racing against each other trying to beat each others times on different tracks, but the search everytime to the times on the leaderboards is annoying this way, and maybe the option of GHOSTS bring back to the game
  10. Same here on the PS4, i turned brightness from 50 to 42 and totally no problems with to dark to light no shadows to much shadows or what ever, maybe we have super PS4`s ;
  11. 053

    Share Your Favourite GRID Photos & Videos!

    How do you post pics/movies from the PS4 Grid to the forum, i only have Twitter, which i dont have, community PS4 and 2 other only to the PS4 related options
  12. 053

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    i wish that the weekly challengers coming back and it would be awesome the leaderboards are crossed with all platforms but thats a bonus request, weekly challengers first