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  1. I joined the MP a few days long at the Dutch time 17;00 till like 20;00 on the PS4 and every time there where like 3-4 full lobbies with more then 10 humans in it and great and fun racing, in the PS4 community with arround 400 members allot of people returned to the game for the MP, hopely its not to late and more people decide to come back
  2. 053

    Thank you for listen to us (multiplayer)

    That would be great, i enjoyed that so much in the older Grids and Dirt games
  3. open youre game with the option button and click on update, you ll get it, couple of hundred mb
  4. 053

    Leaderboard question

    When the leaderboard option doesnt appear after a race, not qualifying round, u can use short the replay mode and close it, then the leaderboard option is there as well
  5. Here it does Dutch time 12;00, few hundreds MB on PS4
  6. 053

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Reminder 😜
  7. 053

    GRID 2019 And How To Fix It.

    U like to see the Greece track from Dirt with the Hypercars 😜
  8. 053

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Daily , weekly, monthly challenges for the, in my case, PS4, just like the old Grids and like the Dirt series
  9. 053

    Around the World Trophy

    Make it 3 sales, i was all hyped for this game untill i noticed that you actually have to drive wirh the cars by your self, what a bummer
  10. god damm same here, i knew there will be a snake under the grass 😜
  11. Yihaa the update is working now, 9 GB
  12. I like to see different shoe options for the driver, more colors, different heels, colorfull lace`s, maybe in combo with the helmeth, I like to look at the shoes from the driver in cockpitt vieuw
  13. Its amazing, even the trees look fantastic now, on Brand Hatch i saw 2 mockingbirds building a nest right in the third corner No fine update, looks better and no more crashes so far
  14. 053

    PS4 Grid crashes

    - Where in the game you're erandomlyxperiencing the crash, Random but more often in between the time before the races begin - If the issue consistently occurs at the same point in the game , nope as i said, random - If you're using any wheels/pedals/peripherals, iam only using the PS4 controller so far, didnt even use headset if that mathers I would not say it happens alot , but before the update i had in totall 1 crash and after the update it happens at least in every 2-3 houres play time, like 3 / 4 times to me. Greetz
  15. Hi, after the update Grid crashes alot more randomly on my PS4/ Ultimate edition