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  1. DasEire

    DiRTy Gossip

    I agree about the licensing. Id rather not have it if it meant more content. Dirt 3 is a great game but lacks variety in terms of rally. I really dont like repeating the same track with a change at a junction to make it slightly different. In Terms of rally and the current generation of consoles. The original dirt cant be beaten for content. there was so much more coutries for rally and so much other content in the other discplines.  the only drawback was the selection of cars. i would be happy with a game that followed the same lines as the original dirt with improved handling and much more licensed cars and not concepts. particular in the WRC cars selection. Id rather there cars were licensed over the actually WRC license. Is the above a hint as to what we can expect or something you may be looking into??
  2. DasEire

    "Next" DiRT game wishlist!

    I agree with the most part of whats being said. I have bought every Dirt game Released and i play Dirt 3 regularly. Dirt 1 had the stages for me and had the most rally based events.The GB stages were probably the most lifelike at that time but car selection was lacking slightly and the handling let it down but not by much. The stages in dirt 3 are fantastic and incredibly life like but there not enough of them and i dont like rehashs of stages with different junctions. i really hate the WRC game series for this. Monte stages are a Pure Gem but again needs to be more of them and not the same stage shortened or changed by a junction or ran in reverse. My personal Wishlist Longer stages. Maybe Retexture some of what you already have. like the GB, Germany, Australian stages of past. Use the stages from dirt 3 but increase them and put more variety. Proper Rally mode. More simulation like but not purely a sim. RallyCross. Bring back some of the tracks from dirt 2 rallycross. larger number of cars in multiplayer. Drop Gymkhana and anything from showdown. it has its own game. not all of it is necessary in The nxt game Rally Cars Include current Gen of Cars. DS3 WRC and rallycross, Polo WRC rally and rally cross. Hyundai WRC, Fiesta WRC and Rallycross R5 and S2000, Fabia S2000 and R5(still in development), Puegeot R5 and S2000, Punto S2000, Proton S2000 and any other R5 and S2000 Spec Car R2 and R3 spec cars Cars of Old. Love to see Impreza WRC 03 model, Focus 05 and 02 model WRC, Xsara WRC, C4 WRC. Lancer WRC. Peugeot WRC. Skoda WRC and Hyundai Accent WRC.   Really looking forward to see what you can Produce :)