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  1. Of course I had to take one of the up to now unused cars, so I chose the Peugeot. Surprised myself with my speed because I just tried to be smooth and not to risk too much. Dropped one place back as I wasn't able to manage the tyres better and had one crash in the last stage, but third place right now is a lot better than I anticipated. Nice.
  2. H3 RWD. Yes, I'm serious.
  3. Pick one rally and choose the weather.
  4. A suggestion: Some of us have less time to spare than a few years ago, so it might be a good move to expand the time you have to complete an event. I would suggest one week per event. Other opinions?
  5. I think someone has to ask this: Is there any interest to continue with another season? It's a great club with a rich history, so it shouldn't go down so quietly. But but of course we need participants. Who still wants to go on?
  6. As usual no great performance from me in Spain. I think I had at least one spin in each stage, twice going off the road. Once I landed on the wrong side of the guardrail, just kept going and used a bank to jump back on the track. Only try this at home!
  7. That has to be the fastest puncture I ever had. First stage, I touched a bank less than 15 seconds in. After that and the tyre change I was completely out of sync, hitting nearly everything in sight. When the car slowly rolled and then got stuck behind an obstacle somewhere in the middle of the stage I took a deep breath and decided to call it a day.
  8. Greece was quite embarrassing. I started quick, then began to lose time and started to take more risks - the result was predictable. Germany started bad, with a false start, although I thought the car was actually moving backwards at the line. Is that even possible? Anyway, I was so baffled I waited a few more seconds before I got going. The rest of SS1 was okay, then there were spins in SS2 and SS3 and some minor mistakes, but nothing too serious, until a freakish accident in SS6, where I hit - a pole maybe? I don't really know. It cost a few seconds for the crash and 9 seconds reset, as I landed on top of a spectator. So, could have been better, could have been worse. At least I finally finished again.
  9. New Zealand was over very quickly. Didn't have much time to spare, so I rushed in and of course that didn't work. Punctured the left rear tire after only two sectors. Tried to go on, crashed and punctured the right front tire. With two and a half stages to go and only one spare, I did the sensible thing and retired. Need more spares, need more spare time. Spare, Shmare, Nightmare.
  10. I had a spin in SS1 and a puncture after 2 sectors in SS2, so I would have been a lot closer. From SS3 on, I used mediums and had some clean stages, but still lost a lot of time. So I think the tire makes a difference, although I have to admit I was quite cautious, maybe too much. And of course I'm never really fast in Finland. It's better than it was in DR1, but still...
  11. Okay, then the medium tires may be to blame for a part of my deficit. Good to know.
  12. Seeing the first results come in, I was obviously too conservative in my approach. On the other hand, more risk might have resulted in even more crashes and punctures... What tires did you use?
  13. I tried to tackle Finland as a pure endurance event. The strategy didn't work out too well in the first two stages - one spin and a puncture. But in the long second loop things got better. The medium tires worked quite well, I slowed down more than usual before jumps and corners and had only one or two spins in the next four stages. After SS6, I was obviously a little bit too relieved and picked up another puncture, but that didn't cost too much. Now I'm interested to see how you guys fare.
  14. Wise words, my friend. But sometimes, you just have to try, because I felt quite comfortable in Argentina. Well, mostly... Australia was as usual not very good. Crash, puncture, crash, puncture, retired. In anything faster than a Lancia Fulvia I'm going to crash there. Must be some kind of eternal law.
  15. After a solid first three stages, I picked up a puncture early on in SS4. In SS5 I tried to make up some ground and got a second puncture. With half of the stage and the next one to go until service and no second spare, I decided to give up and spare me another 10 or 12 minutes of frustration. 🐀