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  1. YoMrWhite

    A Nostalgia Thread

    Played most of those games, too. CMR and CMR2 were great fun and still give me fond memories. An early favourite was Mobil 1 Rally Championship with some of those incredibly long stages, longer than in any other game to date. Up to 20/25 minutes, if I remember correctly. On the tougher rallies, you really had to look after your car and couldn't go flat out all the time. Rally Trophy was great, too, although a bit shallow in content. A few more cars and tracks - or longer ones - would have been great. But driving the Volvo Amazon, Ford Cortina or Saab 96 was magic. If only DR2 had more of those 60's gems. (I really like the addition of the DS21 and Datsun 240Z, though) RBR was, well RBR. Hardcore, but at times extremely satisfying, especially in Japan and Wales (England?). More cars would have been great, of course. The perfect game? Take the handling of RBR or DR2, the stage length of Mobil 1 Rally Championship, the nostalgia of Rally Trophy and the cars of all of those games plus some classic challenges like the Safari. Let's see what DR3 does, whenever it appears. In my opinion, not having the WRC license is definitely no disadvantage, because it encourages bringing a wider range of classics into the game.
  2. Great. So I took not only one of the slower cars, but also one with bad visibility… I should have compared before. Concerning track knowledge: For me it's always a mixture between copilot and visuals, as you can't completely trust the notes in some places (hello Australia and USA). And this visual Impression of course changes a lot if you switch to cockpit view.
  3. Well, it ended quickly. Lost the car in a fast corner, found myself between some trees, losing orientation and quit. Apart from not enjoying cockpit view, the most difficult part (for me) is that you have to adjust your visuals. The stages just look different, so I had to guess about braking points and so on. I'm afraid I won't invest the time needed to adjust or learn the tracks again.
  4. So I indeed started the first event under protest - or call it an experiment. I did two test runs of the first stage. In chase cam, I did a clean run in 6.20, in cockpit view, a not so clean 6.31, both without spare tyres, I think (time trial). In competition, I was able to do a 6.28, with a spare tyre of course. As this was only the second attempt with this view, I think I would be able to shave off some more seconds with more practice. So I definitely think cockpit cam is not much of a disadvantage. Unfortunately, I don't enjoy driving with it, so I don't know if I will continue. Certainly not the whole season, maybe the odd rally here and there.
  5. Any chance you will waive the forced cockpit camera option? I know the current score is 31 to 23 in favour, but looking at the results, only 10 to 12 drivers competed regularly. Go figure...
  6. I will be sitting out next season. First, I'm on vacation, second, there's no way I will use cockpit or dash cam. I sincerely hope the poll swings back again.
  7. This whole season has been a most humiliating experience for me. I don't know where to push, I miss corners and end up at the wrong side of fences or guard rails, I correct too much or not enough, hit banks regularly and night stages are completely killing me. It will take some time until I'm only remotely competitive.
  8. Wow, is this really hardcore damage? I never thought the Peugeot could survive such a beating. It started with a strange bug in SS1, as the car was missing some body parts right from the start und got more and more "naked". At the end of the stage it looked as if driver and codriver were floating in between four tires, with nearly everything else gone. Of course this was quite irritating and might have contributed to the numerous crashes I had in this stage. From then on, the car was more or less done. I reached service with a severely bent steering and an engine that sounded terrible and was dramatically low on power. Quick fixed everything (more than 2 minutes penalty) and carried on, picking up more crashes and three punctures on the way to a most lowly finish. By the way, the visual bug didn't show up again after SS1. Verrrry strange.
  9. Hello everyone! As clubs are now in and steams summer sale is on, I decided to finally jump aboard and buy. Since I enjoyed this league so much in DR it was a no-brainer to take part. And hey, I'm still one of the managers... Argentina went as expected. Without any experience, i was miles behind in SS1 and missed a bridge in SS2. Terminal damage. It will take some time to get accustomed to the game, so this first season will be just learning the tracks. Good to be back!
  10. YoMrWhite

    2020 FIA World Rally Championship

    They use the standings before the super special stages to determine road position for the next day. At that time, Latvala hadn't retired yet. Tidemand didn't retire.
  11. YoMrWhite

    2020 FIA World Rally Championship

    I agree Meeke has made the most of an underwhelming performance of the car. Nice to see. But in terms of speed, it doesn't look too good for Citroen. Until the last day, Meeke placed mostly between 6th and 10th in the stages. Not good. On the other hand, this was Monte Carlo, and we all know it's a unique event.
  12. YoMrWhite

    2020 FIA World Rally Championship

    Yes, it looks like Citroen has already conceded the championship to the other manufacturers and is just aiming for the occasional win. Doesn't make sense to me, but hey, that's only one man's opinion...
  13. YoMrWhite

    2020 FIA World Rally Championship

    Isn't it the other way round?
  14. YoMrWhite

    2020 FIA World Rally Championship

    I think this is good news, especially for M-Sport of course, but also for the championship. Without Ogier M-Sport wouldn't have enough driving strength to fight against Hyundai and Toyota. I think Evans is missing just a bit of speed - although it's hard to compare his 2017 season because of the DMack tyres he used. Maybe he finally closed the gap to the best. Suninen and Tidemand on the other hand have great potential, but wouldn't be competitive everywhere right now. Both need some more outings in WRC cars. Besides, you have to beat the best to become the best. If Ogier had retired and Neuville would become champion - I'm sure that would take something away from his win. At least a lot of people would think so. That said, I think Neuville has to be the favourite for 2018, but Ogier, Latvala, Tanak and Mikkelsen will be ready to jump at the opportunity if he has another bad start to the season. I don't see Citroen as a real contender, but hopefully not as unreliable (hello Kris!) as in 2017. It's looking to be another great season.