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  1. A wild ride in Finland - with a happy ending for a change. SS 1 to 3 went quite smooth, apart from one spin in SS2. In SS4 I rolled the car, got a puncture and had to drive the last two sectors on the rim. Substantial time loss, of course. SS5 and SS6 were better, but a bit shaky. I think I had another spin somewhere, but nothing serious. Ahead of SS7, I knew I had to more or less match @baunaus time to move ahead of @Janneman60again. After two sectors I was in front by 2,5 seconds, only to roll the car shortly after the half point. After three sectors, I was behind by 2,5 seconds. I then
  2. Wales: Another close fight with @UnderclassGDfan, then in SS5 an innocent feeling contact with whatever led to a puncture on the rear. Tried to keep the speed up, which in turn led to a heavy crash. Hmph.
  3. A very close fight with @UnderclassGDfan in Germany, with only one spin and a few minor mistakes. 0,7 seconds behind after SS6, so I took some risks in SS7 and destroyed both of my front wheels on a hinkelstein. Shortly after I was hit with a terminal failure to add insult to injury. Anyway: Happy new year to everybody!
  4. Ah, Argentina. One of my favourites, don't really know why. It's narrow, it's slow, but I'm usually competitive here. Speed was good, but unfortunately I managed to squeeze in spins in SS1 and SS2. Instead of being very close to @somethingthing, I lost a lot of time, as the spins were in tight places. In SS3 there was no spin, but at that time, the tyres were as usually dead on the Porsche. SS4 was good again, until I rolled shortly before the finish, the car staying on its roof, Time loss including reset was maybe 15 seconds. On top, that roll finally broke my fighting spirit. SS5 w
  5. Just checked the standings and saw that @baunauended up a paltry 0,261 seconds behind me. Puts things into perspective... That's three drivers less than 0,3 seconds apart after one hour of driving, with @baunauhaving the dubious honour of being the unlucky third of the pack. And, @UnderclassGDfan, that was a mighty good drive in SS7.
  6. Had a quite good run in New Zealand with only two or so spins and was able to overtake @UnderclassGDfanafter a close fight throughout the rally, only to lose the position after a somewhat shaky last stage by 0,031 seconds. 0,031 seconds! I'm going to call Lewis, so we may have a chat about unfair treatment...
  7. Yes, the Manta is indeed very reliable and quite stable at high speeds and over jumps, which surely helps on rallies like Poland and Finland. The Porsche has its own strengths, but was very unstable in Poland and I guess Finland will be similar. New Zealand is a mixture of fast and slow passages, so I might have a better chance there. We'll see.
  8. Second half of Poland went much better, only two or three spins. Since the car was still quite beaten up after service I couldn't push a lot, but maybe that was for the best.
  9. I just had a terrible first three stages myself. Let's just say that everything that could go wrong did. Two punctures, numerous spins, one roll, one wrong turn, missed chicanes and so on. Too much to be able to continue for now.
  10. I did a short comparison, as we are both using the Porsche: I lost 19 seconds on you in SS1. I did a test with both tyres in shakedown and calculated that the softs would be about 15 seconds faster for me. So that's about what I expected. From SS2 to SS5, we traded only some seconds and I trailed by 22 seconds. Then I lost more than 10 seconds in SS6. Strange, as that was without any big crashes, just the occasional spin. Of course softs are faster at the beginning, after that they lose grip quite fast, at least on the 911. Mediums lose grip slower, but I definitely had the feeling they g
  11. That was maybe the best Rally Australia I ever did. I chose medium tyres and tried to drive at maybe 90% to preserve the car, as @UnderclassGDfanplayed a nice trick on us by starting with 6 long stages without service. Just a small mistake or pure sadism? Anyway, I was able to stay on the road most of the time and avoid punctures, so I'm quite pleased with the result. Usually Australia is one of my weakest ralies. I'm interested: What tyres did everybody else choose?
  12. SS4 to 7 were not really faster, but without major mistakes, just a few half-spins. So I was able to reel in and pass @denim398 and took extra care in SS6. Quite pleased with the effort. Beating @somethingthingwas out of the question, of course. Conclusion after 2 rallies: The Porsche doesn't eat tyres, it devours them. On the other hand, it is very sturdy and above all, fun to drive. Now on to Australia. I know I voted it to be the Safari rally, my own fault. The long second part will be painful. Medium tyres maybe?
  13. I think I know now what @somethingthing was hinting at... Had an excellent SS1 in Greece, which was pure fun. That was followed by a very time consuming spin in a tight place in SS2 and another short off. My mistake. In SS3 though, the car was all over the place. With worn soft tyres, the Porsche is a real beast, going sideways everywhere with no traction at all, it seems. I have to try to adapt my driving style to it. SS6 is going to be tough.
  14. Scotland part deux was, let's say, demanding. Only one spin in SS4, but two mighty crashes in SS5, so I had to drive nearly the half stage with a blown rear tyre. Not so easy. In SS6, I just couldn't keep the car straight, each corner was a struggle. Maybe something was bent? To my surprise, I could easily repair most of the damage. This car can take some beating. Good to know... SS7 was good. Ha! Definitely not the easiest car class, but the driving is lots of fun. Now I'm really interested how @denim398will fare. I considered taking the M1, but changed my mind after a sho
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