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  1. I will be sitting out next season. First, I'm on vacation, second, there's no way I will use cockpit or dash cam. I sincerely hope the poll swings back again.
  2. This whole season has been a most humiliating experience for me. I don't know where to push, I miss corners and end up at the wrong side of fences or guard rails, I correct too much or not enough, hit banks regularly and night stages are completely killing me. It will take some time until I'm only remotely competitive.
  3. Wow, is this really hardcore damage? I never thought the Peugeot could survive such a beating. It started with a strange bug in SS1, as the car was missing some body parts right from the start und got more and more "naked". At the end of the stage it looked as if driver and codriver were floating in between four tires, with nearly everything else gone. Of course this was quite irritating and might have contributed to the numerous crashes I had in this stage. From then on, the car was more or less done. I reached service with a severely bent steering and an engine that sounded terrible and was dramatically low on power. Quick fixed everything (more than 2 minutes penalty) and carried on, picking up more crashes and three punctures on the way to a most lowly finish. By the way, the visual bug didn't show up again after SS1. Verrrry strange.
  4. Hello everyone! As clubs are now in and steams summer sale is on, I decided to finally jump aboard and buy. Since I enjoyed this league so much in DR it was a no-brainer to take part. And hey, I'm still one of the managers... Argentina went as expected. Without any experience, i was miles behind in SS1 and missed a bridge in SS2. Terminal damage. It will take some time to get accustomed to the game, so this first season will be just learning the tracks. Good to be back!