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  1. For my part, I have a serious concentration issue these days. Started out fast in Spain, being ahead of @Janneman60in the first few sectors of SS1 and SS2 (don't know how I did that), then I started to lose time and began to make more and more mistakes, losing lots of time and retiring in SS2 after a mighty crash.
  2. After several embarrassing outings, I decided to try something different, using not the stock setup as usual but one of rallytechnicals. Success was quite limited, as I rolled the car in the first corner, something I can't remember having done before on this stage. A short time later, I left the road to greet some of my tree friends, the rest of the stage wasn't too bad, in fact going as fast as the leader. Hmmm... The second stage was a disaster, in the third I retired. I'll give it another try. Next season please...
  3. It obviously was. I had some fast - green - sectors, but a few too many mistakes, going off the road twice, rolling once with a reset (car stayed on the roof) and a crash in SS5, after which I chose to retire. Not very consistent.
  4. Safe through New Zealand, even without punctures. At the end my concentration began to slip, so I slid off the road twice and lost some time. Second right now, but of course @denim398and @UnderclassGDfanwill beat me, so I'll still be hunting my first podium of the year.
  5. Not a bad run in Finland. Had two punctures, one at the end of SS3 and a more costly one in SS4, apart from that I was able to keep it clean most of the way. But why am I always losing so much time in the first sector? Sometimes up to 5 seconds! Is the Subaru really so much slower off the line? Or am I shifting too early? Too late? 😕
  6. This might be difficult. See the Australian results.😶 Good man! Let's spread the word! Or maybe one of us gets up to 3rd place. While we're at it, I'm not too fond of the USA rally...😉
  7. Maybe I should just skip the Australian round of future championships. I always pledge to myself to be smooth and stay on the road and I always mess up. Big time. In SS3, after a few crashes, I left the road again. Already with a puncture and seriously damaged radiator and engine, I decided I had enough. Hey, maybe we could just exclude Australia in the future! Brilliant idea, isn't it? Who's with me?
  8. Well, I'll give it a try, as I like the RWDs and most clubs lean heavily towards AWD.
  9. Happened to me, too. Fortunately before the start of the season, so it was just one trophy that was lost. It would be nice if you had to confirm your decision when leaving a club. Now it's just one mindless click and you're gone.
  10. As Poland is one of my not-so-favourite rallies, I thought I might just try to be clean and capitalize on the misfortune of others. A sound strategy that worked nearly two minutes. Then I didn't listen to my codriver and turned the wrong way. 17 seconds (17?) plus the delay were gone and my concentration, too. Two big crashes and two punctures (the second one fortunately just shortly before the finish of SS3) followed. After SS3, the car was quite banged up, so I couldn't repair everything and had to back down a bit - which was the initial strategy, if you remember, only with a healthy car. Of
  11. The big and heavy Subaru is definitely a handful in Argentina, especially in the wet. Sometimes the road seems just too narrow and it's nearly impossible not to hit some rocks. Luckily, I was able to avoid any punctures, on the other hand I rolled once, had a few spins and left the road on several occasions. A 7 out of 10 drive, maybe.
  12. I fully expected to be far behind in Scotland and tried to be conservative, but was still shocked about my times, especially compared to @Dunoon1956. When I tried to push a bit more after the first two stages, I was appalled by the lack of grip and the terrible understeer. Maybe I forgot to change the tyres? Happened to me before. Anyway, I was slow and then had some crashes in SS4 and SS5, which left the car seriously crippled for the last two stages. That was endurance indeed. Glad to have made it to the end.
  13. I use the left pedal as brake, too, because the middle pedal is just too close to the gas. And no, I don't have gigantic feet, just a G27 set. Wheel rotation is somewhere between 300 and 360 I guess. Really don't know the exact number. And paddle shifters for me. Cheat shmeat.
  14. I had a good run for 5 stages, with only one roll in SS2 that didn't cost much. Then I had to take a break and when I continued with SS6, the car suddenly felt completely different. Maybe it was the worn out tyres, maybe just me being out of sync, I don't know. It felt weird, the grip was gone and so was my precision. I tried to keep up the speed, but had a spin and shortly afterwards a big crash with reset. Another spin in SS7 followed. A pity, for a short while I really thought I might score a podium here.
  15. Speaking of stupid... I decided to test snow versus soft tyres in Monte Carlo. SS 1 to 3, it was softs. For three or four glorious sectors, I was ahead of the field, then winter was coming. Sort of. Let's just say it was difficult. Especially in downhill hairpins, the cumbersome car just didn't want to stop, resulting in time loss and one reset. Then there were those spins and one puncture. Things didn't get much better in SS 4-6, as my driving wasn't very precise. I stopped counting the spins at six or seven, there was another puncture and another reset. To top it off, in SS7 I left the road
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