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  1. Congratulations from me, too. Well driven, everybody up there! 😎
  2. A nice dutch duel we have here... As for most of the season, I couldn't keep up with the fastest times. Greece is usually one of my better rallies, but I just keep overdriving the car. Two stages were clean, in the others I had small spins, a blown tyre, one reset. Very inconsistent.
  3. Australia - same procedure as every year... A spin in SS1, a good SS2 and then a small mistake in SS3, just as I felt really fast. Touched a bank at high speed, spun and suddenly both left tyres were gone. Radiator and engine were of course damaged, too, so I decided to spare me another agony like in NZ. There, I tried to go on, but in SS4, the car was going ever slower and finally just stopped on a uphill passage. Down under wasn't kind to me this time.
  4. Half time report - sort of. SS1 was reasonably fast with only one mistake, SS2 started good and of course just when I felt comfortable, I left the road in a slow and tight left and had to reset. Then I made the classic error in trying to catch up. Soon enough, I had a major crash, followed by an enormous penalty. I didn't see the time, but it had to be about one minute, because at the next split, I was already about 2 minutes down. Is that possible? Anyway, I limped home on three tyres, my codriver repeatedly asking, if we might be down on power. We surely were, as in the next stage, I lost another 2 minutes just crawling through the stage, going ever slower. Maybe I'll try to finish tomorrow and salvage some points, today I really haven't got the patience for it.😣
  5. Had a few problems of my own. Racenet wouldn't upload the result after SS2, so I had to wait a bit and try a few times. After SS3, the game crashed while I was in service, so luckily I could continue. The rally itself went quite well, apart from SS5, where two crashes - one with a reset penalty - ended the fight with @denim398. Recovered and managed to stay ahead of @UnderclassGDfan and @baunau. So, not so bad after all.
  6. Had a bit of a wild ride in Monte Carlo. Sudden blackout in SS1 - turns out my younger daughter had just started a game on her pc, with my steam account. After she shut it down, I was able to continue (phew!), but was out of sync and got one of those annoying resets (8s) for breaking a wooden barrier. SS2 was free of dramas, in SS3 I destroyed a wheel near the end. Being behind anyway, I thought I might gamble a bit and start the next three stages on softs. Let's just say that it was very entertaining, but I doubt it's the better choice. At least I could avoid a real accident and climbed the standings due to the problems of others. SS7 I was of course back on winter tyres and happy with my time.
  7. That was a good one. Two rolls in SS2 (they seem to come in pairs for me lately), costing me maybe 10 seconds, apart from that a mostly clean run. @Dytut was clearly faster as long as he had all of his tyres, but here and there I was able to score a green sector, even in the first 3 stages. Nice.
  8. I might have a claim to this title, too. Touched a stone in the second sector of SS1 and ripped a wheel off. From then on, it went downhill and downright ugly. At the start of SS3, I had a badly damaged engine (and everything else probably) and only two wheels left on the car, so I retired. Well, at least that first sector of SS1 was competitive...
  9. For Spain, that was not so bad. No major mistakes, even got into some flow sometimes. Could have been a little faster, could have been much worse.
  10. https://dirtrally2.dirtgame.com/clubs/club/39043
  11. SS1: Not very focused. Three crashes, two punctures. Started SS2 with three tyres and an engine that topped out at some 90 kilometers. After losing more than 30 seconds per split I decided that wouldn't cut it.
  12. Yes, Scotland can be very tough. Left the road in SS1, got a 20s reset, in SS3 I had two back-to-back rolls, the first one harmless, the second not. Got to the finish line with a badly damaged car and two punctures. Repaired as much as I could, which was not enough, so the next 3 stages were quite slow. A small spin in SS7 was just the icing on the cake.
  13. Of course I had to take one of the up to now unused cars, so I chose the Peugeot. Surprised myself with my speed because I just tried to be smooth and not to risk too much. Dropped one place back as I wasn't able to manage the tyres better and had one crash in the last stage, but third place right now is a lot better than I anticipated. Nice.
  14. H3 RWD. Yes, I'm serious.