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  1. It looks way better now, but I reserve the right to be skeptical of the long-term effect as there is a certain RX Invitational this weekend. If it keeps working superb for a while after, then I'll be very happy! 🙂 And yes, I know this seems somewhat ungrateful, but man this have been going on for a long long time!
  2. That's how it feels and looks from a customer point of view. I also expect there to be lots of very detailed, complicated data for people to look at. But the fact is, during EU-evenings there are big issues. The amount of people posting here is small compared to different forums, discords and facebook groups that I'm a part of (and I'm not really part of many). These daily issues have also been a thing since the amount of players started to grow when countries started shutting down. They got better for a little while after the worst period, and then they just went back to how it was before. So, it feels like there is some possibilities. Game is to old, there's not much more money left to get from it, Codemasters just don't care (which would explain why there was such an effort when the huge influx from the free period, as there is DLC to sell). But now there's not many new PS4 players joining in so cost v revenue isn't in favor of putting down work anymore. Or the game isn't a priority as new games are on the way, so it's just not anything that matters. Or there has been a serious attempt at fixing it, but whatever system that's made just doesn't seem to be fixable, or whatever part of the company that has that as a task isn't able to fix it. Honestly not sure which of those possibilities that's the most frightening from a customer PoV. Of course there might be other reasons, but something worked when easter started, then something stopped working after a while. And it all feels like server capacity is maxed out. Too much connections or attempts to connect, surely not helped by the seemingly endless points in the game where it sends and inquiry to the site/server to get data, instead of spending 0.3 second more to gather more data when it first connects. Also, I do sympathize with your position in this. I run loads of kiosks on football stadiums where I live, and there are so many times we have tech.issues that's out of my control (wi-fi, electricity etc.) but as the boss I step in and take the flak instead of my employees. When in my hobby I have hosted quite a few eSport-events, and I know that as I am the main person to contact, I will get all the complaints etc. even when e.g RaceNet is down, which is nothing I can fix. I cannot make the rallies last longer etc. As I said I really sympathize with you, as I know you'll hear much more from us when things are bad, than praise when things work. I hope I'm wrong, but fear I'm right. EDIT: This was edited in after I quoted your initial post. I would also love you to be able to say that. The frustrating thing is that at this point, the only things that can make this better is "there is a solution" or "it now works". So it's not really up to you in that sense I guess. But ye, something worked after the biggest issues, then the same something stopped working. I guess there's a reason why some (like me) thinks that there is a solution, but it's not worth it cost-wise.
  3. So basically we just have to wait until enough players fall off and doesn't bother with the game anymore? I also expect that the techy guys look at attempts to connect or something like that. Not going off user charts (if xBox and PS4 has anything similar to Steam), as people will be registered as in the game while not being able to connect to your services. I also realize this is about as basic as "restart your computer", but I must admit I've lost complete faith in Codemasters being able to/bothering to fix this. It does seem like the only hope is that some big name (e.g a Solberg or similar) gets issues during the Solberg Cup. Or a big youtuber/twitcher the same. Or even if you guys are doing another eSport type event and issues happens then. If none of this happens I honestly don't see this being enough of a priority, when nothing have changed in 6+ weeks.
  4. It is. However, a Playstation Network issue shouldn't have consequences for your own servers and systems. Unless you use it to host all your stuff. Which I find highly unlikely. It's a very telling "coincidence", that when countries started quarantines, some were in lockdown etc. and playerbases grew, that the RaceNet errors started occur more frequently. And the more countries that put in measures, and the bigger playerbases became, the more issues RaceNet had. It's not like this started when you guys gave it away for free on PS. It just became even worse when that happened. This all started pre, medio-March. It's been going on to a varying degree for just over six(6) weeks. The fact that you(Codemasters, not you PJTierney!) still haven't been able to fix this, or seemingly doing much more than "monitoring". For a customer, this looks like the game is finished, not much more money to get out of the game, and thus putting just a minimum of effort in to it as well. Sorry to say but this is an awful way to handle business, and it will cause a decline in goodwill from customers, and it will likely cause people to be fed up from issues in future games much quicker as well. I am amazed that a company of Codemasters size, and years in the business are having problems like this, over such time with so little actual communication to customers. It doesn't even feel like anything are being done.
  5. Attempt at a joke, right? Codemasters have approx 700 employees. Quite a few on the racing games, they also bought/acquired and got the talent from Evolution Studios (PS2 WRC Games, MotorStorm and Driveclub) and now Slighly Mad Studios (NfS:Shift, pCars). It's really not a small company going over 70 mill GBP in revenue in 2019(Fiscal Year) ending on 3.7mill GBP in profit. That's not small studio numbers.
  6. And if you are on PC, then new WRC games have a 1 year wait unless you want to go "Epic".
  7. It feels like I am spamming, but, ye. Again. PC. Down.
  8. Yup. Continuing with massive issues in Norway as well. PC. I actually thought for a little while that Codemasters seemed to care about these issues. But now it looks like it was just due to the new players in the free-period and trying to make an impression on them. Honestly don't understand why I spend loads of time trying to get an eSport-thing up and running on DR2.0
  9. So, I would really like to see a couple of things being brought back to clubs. More than 12 stages. Ability to lock rallies to certain cars, or more than one car class. This was a thing in DR1, and it a step back imo. Also requested back then, was a results exporter, a button on the site to get out a csv-file or something. It would ease up the workload for people running eSport-events.
  10. Down again, Norway, PC. MJV1973 is right on this, can just forget the Solberg T-Shirt the way this is going.
  11. Well, as a customer. It doesn't exactly feel like it's taken seriously. Maybe if some big-shot get's issues in the Solberg Cup. Or Broadbent have major issues when he'll stream it something will happen. Seems to be the recurring theme these days, someone with a name must have issues for companies to react.
  12. It might be unrelated to the game in the sense that it runs differently, but 99/100 times if I get an connectivity error in-game, I won't be able to log on the site to check either. And vice-versa. Running really slow for me now as well. Both site and in-game. PC - Norway Chrome - Version 80.0.3987.163
  13. That's a new error-code! Hopefully that's just a random, temp.error.