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  1. Seems like you fail to understand me. In bundles where you parts, the parts you own are not bought again. However, a package rebate is still applied. As Codemasters have NOT made it so Deluxe Edition owners are recognized as having the Deluxe Edition one would need to buy that again. If I were to add the Super Deluxe Edition in my cart, I would not pay for DR 2.0 again, however, I would pay for Season 1+2 again even though I own it. The same goes for Year Pass. I have to buy, as in pay for Season 1+2 again. Even though I own it. You see the difference? Compare that to e.g Euro Truck Simulator 2, if I were to buy the Essential Bundle there, I own 5 out of 6 things. Then those 5 are removed from the bundle, and the cost is of the parts of the bundle I don't own. And I get the package rebate on that one product. Because unlike Codemasters, SCS Software have actually recognized everything I already have paid for, and those are removed from the bundle. That way I don't have to pay for something I already have paid for, which I have to with DR 2.0
  2. I don't like to pay for the same things twice though... I might get price off S3+4 content, which I have done from every "package rebate". But at least on my Steam, I still have to actually pay for season 1+2, which I already paid for when I bought the deluxe edition. If season 1+2 had been removed from it due to me already owning it, like the base game is in the packages with the base game, that would've been different. But for me, it is not - and I would have to pay for season 1+2 as well as 3+4.
  3. Might be, but 2 days after the initial sale period started (at least steamDB says 27th January). It should've been fixed if that's the case... Seeing how it's been done earlier, I won't expect it to change sadly.
  4. Myrvold

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack – Available Now

    Yup. A bit sad as I think they had a really nice platform to evolve the game into something massive. Let's hope that's what happens with a later game! 🙂
  5. Myrvold

    2020 FIA World Rally Championship

    Nope, it was announced that Loeb would do Monte and Sweden. Actually, it was announced that Loeb and Sordo would share the car (which left a couple of openings where no-one was scheduled, e.g Finland), but neither Breen, nor Mikkelsen were scheduled to do any rallies for Hyundai.
  6. Myrvold

    Something is coming closer...

    I would've agreed, but as you cannot run multi-class in Club events (for some reason that's removed), I would ideally like as few in-game classes as possible!
  7. No. Because, if Codemasters had done thing right. Season 1+2 would've been highlighted as "owned" and removed from the pack-price when looking at it. However, this only happens for the ones that have bought 1+2 / deluxe upgrade as a standalone, and not the Deluxe Edition of the game, which I guess you have done if it doesn't register as owned. Which has been the reason for my complaining here. EDIT: Now I understand why more people are frustrated here. Both the Super Deluxe Upgrade thing, and Year One Pass have got 3+4 at a sale. But us suckers who actually bought the Deluxe Edition from the start, and thus only have 3+4 to buy, we don't get a sale. What the actual F is going on here? Now it is more a case of fairness than anything else. @PJTierney Could you try and work magic towards whoever deals with this, because this is completely awful customer treatment. EDIT 2: To further explain: Year One Pass - Which is a package of Deluxe Upgrade and Season 3+4, there is both the Deluxe Upgrade and Season 3+4 on sale. Thus you have a sale on both upgrades, and a small package rebate on top of that. Super Deluxe Edition - Which is Main game+Deluxe Upgrade + Season 3+4. Game, Deluxe Upgrade and Season 3+4 is on sale in this package. Add in a small package rebate on top. Season 3+4 standalone - NO sale. Same 207 Norwegian Money as it always has been. Why not just buy one of the two with rebate you may ask? Because the Year One Pass costs 310 Norwegian. The Super Deluxe costs 345 Norwegian (which is funny, as it should be the same... due to Steam recognizing me owning DiRT Rally 2). The issue being, the ones who bought DiRT Rally 2.0 Deluxe Edition pre-release or release, we do not get the "Deluxe Upgrade (Season 1+2)" marked as owned in Steam, due to how Codemasters have put things. Even though we own them, have all the cars, stages, liveries etc. associated with Season 1+2, because - well, it was a part of the Deluxe Edition. Regardless, as Codemasters doesn't spend 5 minutes to fix this in Steam, the only way we can get S3+4 is to pay full price, with no sale, nor package rebate. While everyone who didn't buy the Deluxe Edition get both sale and package rebate. Bloody nice way to treat customers.
  8. Myrvold

    Something is coming closer...

    There it was! It wasn't too long after the actual rally was over either.
  9. Indeed, 87-88 before all the Sierras took over, heck, could've had a SAAB and VW FWD in there as well to make it a bit interesting, however, I agreed with the period-correct first.
  10. Typical RWD suspension there. Now, that would be a proper classic/retro RX. Mid 80's, Bettle 4WD, the Xtrac machines, the crazy porsches, ur-quattros etc.
  11. Myrvold

    Something is coming closer...

    Nope, it was after DR1, and I remember thinking about some national/regional rally in Norway when I saw where they went. But I cannot remember it, and google doesn't help.
  12. Myrvold

    Something is coming closer...

    I forgot that Norway was in DiRT 3. I seem to remember Codemasters visiting Norway around either a rally, or around some rally stages a couple of years ago. Hmm
  13. Just checked this again during the Lunar Sale, and realized that at a point Codemasters put Deluxe Edition being 2 packages, but have failed to check that we that bought Deluxe Edition pre-release or extremely early have that Deluxe Edition, thus it's actually only the ones that put trust in Codemasters to buy the deluxe extremely early that don't get the package rebate that everyone else gets in the Super Deluxe Edition. Lesson learned. Never buy Codemaster games at release.
  14. Myrvold

    Something is coming closer...

    To get in a bidding war with Polypony and Sony over the rights to a sole hillclimb would be stupid. Not to mention we don't know how long the deal that Polypony/Sony is either.
  15. I would think so. I'm holding off until I at least don't have to pay more than owners of any other edition of the game (including owners of the deluxe upgrade the also get some percentages off).