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  1. Myrvold

    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series

    That's a bloody joke from Codies.
  2. Myrvold

    DiRT Rally 2.0: General Clubs Discussion

    Oh, I was told wrong then. As I haven't been able to actually participate in any events myself yet - too much work around summer time 🙂 Only been setting up events etc. That's good to hear though! 😄
  3. Myrvold

    DiRT Rally 2.0: General Clubs Discussion

    One step forward, and one step back makes for a stationary experience. Or that you end up in a nasty split! Positives from DiRT Rally 1 (D4 got promptly skipped after some hours of gaming). The webside looks better, slicker, more professional and loads quicker. Kept the multi-platform from DiRT 4, oh how much time that will save compared to DiRT Rally and merging of results etc. Much simpler start and ending time, with the days & hours the event will last. It might not look as much, but it simplifies the process a lot in big leagues! The negatives No multi-class, which basically ruins any proper league over certain sizes. Unless one will make 4-6 different clubs for each subclass. It makes is even harder if some championship-classes spans multiple DR2.0 classes (e.g R4/Gr.A) No multi location events. While not an issue for the league I look to run, it ruins the traditional preview, test event. No "Equal engineers, mechanics and cars" option. I hate that people will have to grind career and events to be able to participate on a fairly even level as others in the championship... There should be an option for this (This is not the case - see post below 🙂 ) No chance of cherrypicking cars from the same class either. I had ideas of running different themed events. No chance now sadly. What's the most frustrating is that these are options we've had before. It's all a bit modern way of gaming, making something new and removing features that were present before... Evolution some might call it
  4. Myrvold

    Silly mid-season driver transfers..

    Mate this is a better way to present it. 2018 was the first year ever in F1 where all drivers drove all races and in the same car all season. The only other season with no in season driver changes was 2008, but there Super Aguri went bust after 4 races, thus you didn't have all drivers who started race 1 do all races in the same cars. In every single other F1 season there has been mid-season changes.
  5. It is DiRT 4 and the rear-grip issues all over again. "Looking in to it" "Not easy fix" "Will affect all cars" "Still looking in to it" "There will be a patch" - patch released, no changes. "Still working on it" etc. until sudden silence, just as "sudden" long after the game had died down - no change in the most pressing issues. New silence and then DiRT Rally 2.0. So in tradition, it will be DiRT 5 or DiRT Rally 3.0 I'm happy to be proven wrong.
  6. 6 to 10. However, if this was the good news that IMG mentioned regarding an announcement of entries. I am not that convinced.
  7. Myrvold

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    If no specific value is given, the value is 1. Like always in such files, you don't make more work than you need to.
  8. You need, what. 20-40k in in-game currency to fix a car through a rally? That's one event win, or a couple of daily events. It's nothing.
  9. I would guess there is a larger player base in Europe vs the US, and that's why. However, RaceNet have been through DiRT Rally and DiRT 4. It shouldn't have had these issues with only deluxe players in DR 2.0
  10. However, I don't see the reason why the actual offline competitions (Career rally and career rallycross) should need an always online. I've seen the reasoning that you need to have a natural progression with the cars, and that they want to control that people don't cheat their way to more money and fully upgraded cars. But really, is that an issue at all? If a person mods in loads of money and then distance on all cars so they suddenly sit with all cars upgraded. That doesn't impact the competitions or esport anything as long as those are controlled like everything in that part of the game are today. I fail to see the logic. What it does however, is forcing people to grind quite a bit to be able to have at least one upgraded car in every class, preferably two or three as one car in a weekly/career championship, means that you cannot use it in another. Again, there is zero logical explanation on why an fully offline mode should have always online.
  11. It is not review-bombing. It's not hundreds on hundreds that write very similar reviews. It is on overall more positive reviews than negative. However, with the RaceNet issues the first couple of days (which the link you show, also shows the reviews are from), and the lack of road feel in steering wheels, it's no surprise that people are disappointed. For a sim-ish game to be good, you need a feel in the wheel. For people to be happy, half the game being unavailable due to server issues on a service they have had for years through more than one game release is poor. Steam percentages are not doctored by Valve. You are sorting by "most helpful (week)". And then you get the reviews the most users have clicked "helpful" on. That's the users, not Valve. And yes, the personal attacks, the non-serious shitposting is idiotic. Constructive critique is the way to help. However, it's not just the simrace community, it is how things are these days. The ones spewing out most idiotic stuff, to provoke and get a reaction, get's moved up, as all webpages wants traffic. Thus making more people do it, and common decency is just gone. But it is the mode you need to play to be able to buy and upgrade cars and your team, which you need to have fully upgraded to be able to fight for the top positions in the online events. So when you are unable to progress your cars and team outside something that's always online. It's no wonder why people get fed up when the online service flat out didn't work for quite some time after release. Because RaceNet didn't work for quite some time for Deluxe owners (relatively speaking, as the window was 4 days). And when we were told it was fixed, the same poop happened again. Yes, we (Deluxe owners) got compensated 1 mill creds for it, but it kept people out of an integral part of the game for evenings (EU-time) straight.
  12. Maybe in weekly events? But i custom championship (or, regular online if you like) I get new tire(s) after the stage, regardless if I have spare tyres or not.
  13. Are you sure? As we deluxe owners have that car unlocked, we should be able to extract the files from it, but we can't.
  14. Oh, so that means that you also designed the Fiesta then? That one also looked great!
  15. I know that Phil Mills isn't as young as he was when he won the championship with Solberg. However, quite often he is forgetting, or just not bothered to say the pacenotes. It's extra frustrating when he decides to take a mid-stage break in to a hairpin, junction or one of those bale-chicanes in Poland.