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  1. As a huuuuge fan of the old Grand Prix 3, I've always loved the intro video to that game. Then I had some spare time now, and decided, how would a intro video to a rally championship look in Grand Rally 2.3 or... something!
  2. Round 2 is live! Rally Sweden! As always, a new magazine is out! You can read it here We also got the results out, sortable for each stage, with drop-down menus, combined results from all classes etc. can be found here And of course, that also means that the standings are out.
  3. With how the WRC "promoter" have handled WRC during the pandemic (and, well, the last X-amount of years, with WRC All Live being the exception). This is not good.
  4. I'll follow up here with the second Magazine, the Monte Carlo edition for the event that started this Monday. Logically there are articles about the history of Monte Carlo in RDRC, the drivers that are expected to fight for wins, and stageguides. But also articles on the first ever winner of Worlds Fastest Gamer, Rudy van Buren who have signed up. Juncos Racing have also signed up (yes, that is the IndyCar, IMSA and Road to Indy team). They bring with them the driver with the most wins in RDRC history, and a Signatech Alpine employee. So we have articles on that, and some extras as well! The
  5. That would be awesome indeed! I think DiRT Rally 1 especially showed that a proper rally game have potential to reach relatively high numbers of copies sold! I don't think coverage like RDRC will help though, mainly because we are basically ignored by Codemasters. Now, not to sound too negative here, I don' expect Codemasters to know of, and/or promote every league out there. But we did contact Codemasters back in the DR1 days when we had over 450 entries and asked about a feature to be implemented to the RaceNet webpage. We were told they would get back in touch, but basically ghosted RaceDep
  6. It looks way better now, but I reserve the right to be skeptical of the long-term effect as there is a certain RX Invitational this weekend. If it keeps working superb for a while after, then I'll be very happy! 🙂 And yes, I know this seems somewhat ungrateful, but man this have been going on for a long long time!
  7. That's how it feels and looks from a customer point of view. I also expect there to be lots of very detailed, complicated data for people to look at. But the fact is, during EU-evenings there are big issues. The amount of people posting here is small compared to different forums, discords and facebook groups that I'm a part of (and I'm not really part of many). These daily issues have also been a thing since the amount of players started to grow when countries started shutting down. They got better for a little while after the worst period, and then they just went back to how it was befor
  8. So basically we just have to wait until enough players fall off and doesn't bother with the game anymore? I also expect that the techy guys look at attempts to connect or something like that. Not going off user charts (if xBox and PS4 has anything similar to Steam), as people will be registered as in the game while not being able to connect to your services. I also realize this is about as basic as "restart your computer", but I must admit I've lost complete faith in Codemasters being able to/bothering to fix this. It does seem like the only hope is that some big name (e.g a Solberg or simil
  9. It is. However, a Playstation Network issue shouldn't have consequences for your own servers and systems. Unless you use it to host all your stuff. Which I find highly unlikely. It's a very telling "coincidence", that when countries started quarantines, some were in lockdown etc. and playerbases grew, that the RaceNet errors started occur more frequently. And the more countries that put in measures, and the bigger playerbases became, the more issues RaceNet had. It's not like this started when you guys gave it away for free on PS. It just became even worse when that happened. This all s
  10. Attempt at a joke, right? Codemasters have approx 700 employees. Quite a few on the racing games, they also bought/acquired and got the talent from Evolution Studios (PS2 WRC Games, MotorStorm and Driveclub) and now Slighly Mad Studios (NfS:Shift, pCars). It's really not a small company going over 70 mill GBP in revenue in 2019(Fiscal Year) ending on 3.7mill GBP in profit. That's not small studio numbers.
  11. And if you are on PC, then new WRC games have a 1 year wait unless you want to go "Epic".
  12. It feels like I am spamming, but, ye. Again. PC. Down.
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