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  1. Really sad to see Paul leaving; his games were a big part of mine/my son's lives before we started karting - I hate to think how much seat time we put in between 2010-2013! His passion will surely be missed but at least, in DiRT Rally, he got to make the title you sensed that he was always desperate to make, despite some challenging times at Codies.
  2. I've only just noticed your signature, @justbiglee: isn't the F1 2015 community the most bitching??? ;)
  3. They were trying to make you full time on the F1 2015 forum, weren't they? ;)
  4. I've seen a few community managers come and go. They have always been approachable, helpful and very friendly but you took it to a new level with the amount of community interaction. Long may it continue and good luck in your new endeavours :)
  5. I've not heard anything but the WRX tie-in does make me wonder. I'll be chuffed to bits if the Grp B cars do make a RX appearance.
  6. The livery is almost finished (based on the rally 6R4), has been for some time; I was waiting on the assumption that there would be historic cars for RX tracks. Now I'm not so sure... :(
  7. Rally school! having taken 75 mins to complete three stages last night, God knows I need it...
  8. I'd like to see: A time trial option that allows me to race any car/stage, see the online leaderboard and race the ghosts of my PB and anyone else I so choose. More than one offline event to compete in at any one time. I'd like to pick and choose. Maybe there could be club and national events for me to choose between. A 'Back' option in every screen. I shouldn't have to pass through several loading screens just to go back and select another option. An option to quit the entire event regardless of where I am in it. An option to select the TV or helicopter cameras only when viewing replays. So
  9. I'd like to see a time trial mode for the individual stages, an online leaderboard and the ghosts of my PB along with those of my friends or the world record holder should I choose to enable them. Pretty please with cherries on top ;)
  10. Thanks for the credit, Lee - I didn't deserve it but Lucas is well chuffed :) He's also much, much quicker than me... :/
  11.  I'd second that, would be particularly keen to hear about triple screen/SLI recommendations - reckon I might finally need that upgrade :/
  12. Beginning to think that I may need to upgrade my graphics cards for D4!!!
  13. Shame but there is clearly a fan is the ad company :)
  14. Anyone else seen this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tometal1sY#t=13. 11 seconds in - love that they even got the 'i' right :smiley: 
  15. A bit belated but I stop by to catch up only intermittently; I am probably the one of the least hardcore members here - a fan of the D2/D3 titles rather than the sport itself necessarily. I got to visit Codies and see what they have to show focus testers a few months back and I did my best to represent what the million or so guy and gals who aren't hardcore rally gamers might enjoy. Who knows who Codies listen to as every single person will have slightly different preferences, one thing for sure is that they face an nigh-on impossible task of satisfying everybody but I cannot wait to see the e
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