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  1. Got to love Forum banter...

    I know Codies in some peoples eyes have failed with some of their previous releases. However I think its a little harsh to moan about 2014's release. Clearly their whole team was gearing up for 2015, just as Mercedes did in 2013 .... look what they did in 2014 & 2015.

    I think the only thing Codies are guilty of is possibly releasing 2014 at all.

    I am frustrated by the lack of info but I keep coming here everyday in the hope of something new, but maybe just maybe they may get it right this year...

    I think it would be more exciting if we were to speak about the new features we know about and how that will improve our overall experience rather than pages of pages of whinging... just saying...

  2. Hi, brand new to the forums, long time viewer but first time poster.

    I am 25 & have played F1 games for years going back to the original PS, I stopped after 2011 due to work life taking over gaming but I recently purchased a PS4 to rekindle the old flame. 
    Now before I start moaning to Codies I appreciate that if you could have something to show us you would have done.... But this stragey of marketing is very very poor, surely a month prior to release you have some videos to wet our appitites? 
    Its like going to watch a film and only knowing the name when you walk in you just wouldn't. For example I have preordered Jurassic park tickets which comes out the same weekend as F1 game because the content looks amazing. I want to do this with F1 but I am growing concerned what product we will end up getting. 
    Please give us something to watch & to look forward to to get everyone on here raving about the game not talking about the negative stuff.

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