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  1. Hang on, if there is no career mode then what is there? Quick race and online? The F1 games have terrible online, they still haven't bothered to support dedicated servers and there is no penalty system or structure to any of  it, online always ends up a mess.  I played for the Career mode, specifically the coop Career mode.... if it is gone then what is the point to the game? 
  2. I've been playing iRacing since last year, I decided to give F1 2014 another go and OMG THE GAME IS TERRIBLE! It doesn't even feel like you're driving a car, where are the physics? I did two laps and had enough... EURGH... god I was stupid thinking these games used to be good.  Maybe 2014 just handles poorly? I dunno, I remember driver aids being on even when I turned them off when 2014 came out. But Eurgh. I hope Codemasters actually attempt to make a sim with their next game, if it ends up arcadey like before... no thanx, even Forza 5 feels wayyyyy better!
  3. When it came out it felt as if assists were on even when you switched them fully off, TC seemed to kick in for example. Is this fixed yet?
  4. Question in the title, even when you had them off before the patch, they would be on... Is it fixed now? Thanx.
  5. F1 has needed dedicated servers for years... My guess the patch is coming in 2015... in the form of  F1 2015.
  6. Yeh and how amazingly great brakes are with the pad, you cannot lock them up even with ABS off... I want the understeer gone too, it isn't there for the wheel.
  7. Any high speed corner and my car doesn't want to turn in without letting off the throttle, yet my cheating cunt of a team mate is fine. It doesn't help that I have TC kicking in when it shouldn't be since I have it turned off... Once I set the game to wheel settings but still play with a pad, suddenly the TC is gone, the understeer is gone and my braking is no way near as good. However I cannot play like that because having the wheel rotation on a stick makes any input far too sensitive and there is no dead zone which you need on the stick for the middle since there is a bit of play there.
  8. My tyres are perfect, not cold at all, but it is all he keeps telling me.
  9. All the guy on the radio goes on about in this game... wtf?
  10. Come on I'm getting 100FPS maxed out on a 750ti........ do the mirrors need to look this bad? 
  11. Yeh it feels understeery but without the understeer....
  12. Saying play with a wheel doesn't fix the problem, it just means I wont play the game at all.  I play all racing games with simulation settings on a pad just fine, I want the option there, I don't want to be restricted because a developer has decided it should be a wheel setting, not a controller.
  13. Like I said in another post, I don't want a wheel, I had one before, I don't like the effort of using them, I have a car in real life for that.
  14. I use a pad because I don't want to have to get a big wheel out and set it up each time to play a game. I play iRacing with a pad and can be quite competitive... I've tried a wheel but I then sold it.. just wasn't worth the aggro and it still didn't feel like driving in real life. Plus to get good pedals you have to spend a fortune, the ones that come standard on any wheel are shit.
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