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  1. I'm not sure about owning an F1 team, I imagine that would take ALOT of work and would, personally, rather codies spend their time perfecting the "be the driver" ethos. Trust me there's tonnes of fun and potential in the driver career mode before they expand in to team management if at all
  2. I think personnel customisation is an awesome idea!Even in a purely marketing business sense I'm sure Alpinestars and Sparco etc would love to see if given a choice which designs gamers choose so that they can use that for their real life products. Like on Fifa where players can chose there boots, it would be awesome if gamers could chose different glove designs and even suits :) I'm sure the producers: Puma, Alpinestars etc would think its a great idea for market research In terms of licensing, if there is an issue, if your driving for Mercedes you can only choose Puma. Or Alpinestars for Red
  3. Hi Guys, I really want codies to ensure that with F1 2014 they bring back the "live the life, be the driver" aspect of the game.This can be achieved through various such features: - FP1/FP2 sessions which are planned out by teams to and involve both long race runs and short quali runs along with driver feedback to improve setup with engineer- Ability to walk around the garage, talk to engineers, see team mate comparison data would be awesome !- Team radio needs to be seriously overhauled with the ability to talk, through headsets/kinect, to the engineer during the race- Would love to see more
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