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    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Sorry about your investment in TrackIR. It does whats advertised on supported games, but with racing it doesn't work "psychologically". I have TrackIR and stopped using it after a week (for racing games), and i have thought a lot about why. I'll explain: Whenever you turn your head and change the cameraview on screen (as advertised), you also change the direction you are looking; head turns right; eyeballs turn left, so you are still able to see the screen. Now maybe depending on how much you have driven cars before in your life, your brain missinterpret what is happening and you will automatically (subconsciously) apply a corrective steering input to keep your car on the road. BUT in this case you will actually drive your car OFF the road instead, as the perceived need for correction, or the direction your car is heading, is wrong. This applies to whatever situation your car is in, but its most obvious and stupid looking when driving on a straight road. What is messing this up is the need to turn the eyeballs. Your brain knows that you are turning your eyes, and moves all references and understanding of where the road is going by the same angle relative to the direction you are driving. Its a wierd sensation where its a little difficult to point a finger at what is making you suddenly drive so imprecise, missing apex after apex, or even drive off the road at strange places. If you keep your head perfectly still you wont notice, but that will negate the need for trackIR, and give you neck issues. By the way i posted a longer thread on the subject on TrackIR's forums many years ago and it got deleted... Of course the problem is gone as soon as you hook up a monitor on your head so its follows our head movement and you dont have to turn your eyes :) Very much looking forward to oculus rift!